Recreation for the Rich (and not only): the Best Yacht Charters in Dubai

9:30 pm  |  22.02.2021

We suggest reading a useful article about yacht charter companies in Dubai. Your choice of company will be based on your needs and capabilities. We only provide information about a few options.

Charter Click

Charter Click is a fairly popular site. It offers several options for small recreational boats. The site has simplified the process of renting a yacht as much as possible. You must fill out a form indicating the date, number of people and duration of the voyage. The site will offer you options depending on the size of the vessel. In fact, it is crowdsourcing. Charter Click provides insurance, a captain, and a boat is available for rent. Pick-up and drop-off points are available all along the coast of Dubai, you can choose the closest one to you.

The boats offered by the company can accommodate up to 11 people. The length of the boats is up to 27 feet. Average price per hour, without additional services: Dhs425. The average cost per person per hour: Dhs 38 (including the captain).

The Captain’s Club

A good choice for those who want to save money. This is also necessary for those who want to seriously engage in boating. With a fee of DH1, 725 per month or DH18, 000 per year, you can get unlimited access to up to 40 boats, including mini yachts, speedboats, fishing boats and liners. You will need to complete the training that will give you an international captain’s license. This is 24 hours of access, 365 days a year. Pick up and drop off at Jumeirah Harbour in Dubai or at Emirates Palace and Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi.

Membership rates are added for the duration of access to the boats. There are three membership options per year: silver: 18,000 Dhs, Gold: 24,900 Dhs, smart for two members: 20,000 Dhs.

Al Wasl Yachts

Al Wasl is a locality in the United Arab Emirates. This option is suitable for many purposes. You can have a party on an 85-foot yacht. There can be a DJ, a professional photographer, catering, jewelry and much more. But a separate cherry on the cake in this company is a lot of fishing boats. Free equipment and barbecue facilities are provided.

The length of such a boat is 45 feet. The maximum capacity is 18 people.

The rental price per hour is Dhs 850. Cost per person per hour: Dhs 47 (including the captain and one crew member).

Easy Yacht

The Easy Yacht range includes a variety of boats: from a light Mermaid ($500 per hour), to a huge yacht for 400 guests. This option will cost 10,000 dirhams per hour. The company has yachts with built-in Jacuzzis.

The boat is about 36 feet long. The capacity of not more than ten people. The cost of renting a boat per hour: 500 dirhams. Cost per person per hour: 50 dirhams.

The company offers many different beautiful yachts. For example, the Gugu boat, which is located in Dubai Marina, has its own Tiki hut bar, which is located on the upper deck. The company offers a catamaran with many additional services. For example, an onboard grill, a sound system, so you can have a big party for 50 guests.

The boat is about 75 feet long. Price per hour: Dhs 1,500. And you can rent a boat for at least three hours. Cost per person per hour: 45 Dhs (including the captain and two crew members).

Gold’s Yacht

The company offers mainly very large and expensive yachts. The name of the company says a lot about it and tells the truth. One of the most famous options is the 220-foot megayacht Lotus. It can accommodate 500 people on board. Additional services include a hot tub and a salon. However, the company offers several 34-foot fishing boats, and there are other boat options for 400 dirhams per hour. You can also go water skiing, banana riding, and flyboarding with these guys.

Boat Length: 42 feet. Capacity for up to 15 people. The rental price per hour is Dhs650 without additional services. Cost per person per hour: Dhs 43 (including the captain and three crew members).

Al Wasl Dau

There is an option of a cruising yacht. For example, Al Wasl Dau. Two-hour cruise from 8.30 pm to 10.30 pm every day, with welcome drinks on arrival, buffet dinner, barbecue. You can rent several boats and yachts. The most notable of these is the 155-foot desert rose, or simply”party boat”. Sounds right at us. The yacht even has a huge party pool and hot tub.

The boat is 55 feet long. The maximum capacity is 22 people. For a yacht, you need to pay 900 dirhams per hour. Cost per person per hour: Dhs40 (including the captain and two crew members).

Super Yacht Dubai

This company has a very big name. Why? Super Yacht Dubai works with large companies that have the money to send all the staff on a cruise. The company offers various vessels and additional services. Water sports, landscapes, photography, videography. Super Yacht Dubai has boats designed for various types of fishing.

 The boat is 44 feet long. It can accommodate up to ten people. Price per hour without additional services: Dhs850. Cost per person per hour: Dhs85 (including captain and crew).

Xclusive Yachts

The company offers to rent a 101-foot vessel that can accommodate up to 50 people. and have fun day and night long with 50 of your companions in luxury. Xclusive Yachts owns its own fleet, so the prices here are lower than those of other companies. In addition to the yacht, you can get VIP hostesses and security, photographers, as well as specialty cakes, a red carpet for your arrival, and a DJ. The company also offers cheaper options. For example, a speedboat. 

It is about 35 feet long. It can accommodate up to five people. Price per hour: From 500 Dhs. Cost for person per hour: From 100 dirhams (including the captain).

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