Real Estate Agent Dubai: How to Find a Job or the Best Agent?

11:45 am  |  09.04.2021

Dubai is also a promising place to find a job in real estate

Real estate agents help their customers to find the perfect property with the help of extensive specialist knowledge and contacts, anywhere in the world. Brokers often specialize in different areas, such as rental apartments, luxury villas, or public real estate. Find out everything about brokers with us in the magazine!

Anyone who has decided to seek help from a real estate agent now only has one task left. Find the right broker. Because not every broker suits everyone. Since many real estate agents specialize in certain areas, such as rental apartments or luxury villas, it is important to find the right one for your own needs and wishes. 

Buying, Selling or Renting: the Realtor’s Tasks in Different Situations

A broker is available for real estate questions with sufficient specialist knowledge and a certain amount of know-how. He performs a wide variety of tasks. Find out now what you need to consider when choosing the right real estate agent!

Purchase: Tasks, Building and Building Society Savings

When buying a property, the broker’s expertise can be worth gold. The real estate agent’s primary task is to find various properties for their needs and to visit them with them. If the right property is included, the know-how in price negotiations and the purchase contract can help to achieve the best result for you.

Sales: Valuation and Tax Tips

When selling their own property, an agent should do one thing above all else. Relieve the work and relieve the seller. Selling a house involves a lot of time, from the preparation of the exposé to viewing appointments to the conclusion of the contract, the broker takes over all tasks as far as possible and provides advice with his expertise.

Rent: Apartment or House?

When it comes to renting, the broker can act on both sides. The broker can find suitable rental properties for the tenant and help with the mediation. The realtor will help the tenant to find a tenant for the property as quickly as possible. In the case of rent, however, different rules apply to the broker for the commission than in the case of the purchase of the real estate.

Dubai has the best real estate agencies looking for employees


Before the discovery of oil and gas in the region, Dubai was just a small village on the banks of Dubai Creek, with a population consisting largely of seafarers, traders, and pearl divers. With the discovery of oil after 1960, the emirate’s economic development picked up speed.

Although this was initially due exclusively to the availability of black gold, Dubai’s emirs quickly recognized the finiteness of these resources and initiated a change of direction. From now on – this was quickly recognized by the ruling Al Maktoum family in Dubai – the strategy of sustainable development based on several future-oriented pillars must be pursued.

The development into a tourist destination and the number 1 air traffic hub between East and West began with the founding of the Emirates airline in 1985.

Emirates is now one of the world’s leading airlines with over 160 destinations.

In 2004, the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) was opened and is now among the top ten of the world’s most important financial centers.

The Emiratis are currently trying to establish Dubai as an incubator in the field of digital technologies (especially blockchain and artificial intelligence). Attempts are also being made to attract more investment and know-how in the manufacturing sector and thus create jobs.

Best Real Estate Job Seekers

Espace Real Estate

Company Logo

Further information, contact persons, and how to get there:

Dubai Marina, Marina Plaza Office numbers 2702 & 2703 ، Dubai

Phone: +971 4 306 9999

Venture Horizon Real Estate Brokers LLC

Company Logo

Further information, contact persons, and how to get there:

Office 2306 Cluster W Liwa Heights Jumeirah Lake Towers Dubai

Phone: +971 4 446 2954

How to Find a Job as a Realtor in Dubai?

There is no salary in the real estate market in Dubai, I work on a percentage of sales. Companies provide employees with a small base salary plus a bonus from sales and also provide accommodation (accommodation, meals, transportation costs, Internet access, mobile communications), i.e. everything so that you can start your life in Dubai comfortably.

The most important points for us are:

  • Age.
  • Experience.
  • Education.

Companies consider candidates mainly between the ages of 25-45. Must have a university degree or experience in sales. The prospective employee should know what a client is, how to work with objections, how to identify their needs, etc. Experience in real estate will be an advantage, although this is not the main criterion. If you do not have experience in the real estate market, the employer will teach you everything you need to know.

What Should Be a Resume?

The resume should be short – 1-1.5 pages maximum. Keep in mind that any leader doesn’t have enough time to reread your long stories. In the resume, you need to highlight (and preferably in bold or another color) the most basic points: skills, achievements, experience, etc., all those criteria that are necessary to work in a real estate agency.

Companies pay special attention to those candidates who provide a resume, video resume, and a short story about themselves. It is advisable to make 2 video resumes. The first is a short 15-20 seconds, during which you tell the main points about yourself: name, surname, age, where you live for which vacancy you are applying for. A kind of trailer about you.

Your main task in a short video resume is to “hook” the employer, i.e. speak confidently, clearly. After such a mini-presentation, there is a much greater likelihood that the HR employee or the head of the company himself will open your second resume video, where you will tell about yourself in more detail. The second video summary should be up to 2 minutes long.

When recording a video resume, pay attention to your appearance and the environment that surrounds you. It is absolutely unacceptable if, while recording a video resume, you are dressed in some kind of home clothes, and your children are screaming in the background or pots are rattling in the kitchen. Finding a job remotely doesn’t give you a chance to sit back and ignore the details.

Your video resume is a mini-presentation of yourself. Your future career in the company depends on the first impression you make, so try to do it cool. Do not forget that the competition in Dubai is quite high, so you need to be able to stand out from the rest of the candidates.

If the employer does not reply to your resume, it means that he is not interested in you. If you really want to work in this company, then your task is to make sure that they pay attention to you at least 10 times. What does this mean? Remind the employer of yourself with another letter, for example, starting it with the words: “Perhaps you missed my letter …” or “Perhaps you did not have enough time to get acquainted with my resume”, or send another video resume, how – then by finalizing it and focusing on those skills and abilities that the employer initially states.

As an example, one of the employees, after the companies showed little interest in his candidacy, offered his services for the sale of real estate in Dubai for free. This person was ready to come to Dubai and work without pay for the first month, and if the quality of his work suits us, then the candidate received a salary. If you are sure that you are a good specialist, then you can always show your result.

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