Ramadan in the UAE: Rules of Conduct for Tourists

12:30 pm  |  03.07.2021
Ramadan in the UAE

For the United Arab Emirates, the state religion is Islam. However, along with this, other religions are allowed. The Emirates is the most open state in the Arab world. It is here that citizens of many countries of Asia, America, and Western and Eastern Europe live and work. The country has a significant number of temples, churches, and other structures of various religions.

 All guests and tourists of the United Arab Emirates should honor and respect the traditions and customs of this state. Remember that you should strictly follow the requirements of the main set of rules in this state, which are indicated by the Shariah. In particular, the rules of conduct for tourists in Dubai should be observed during public religious holidays.

Holy Month of Ramadan

One of the most significant events in the Muslim world is the period of Ramadan in the UAE. Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims, in this month every believer must fast. Believers are prohibited from smoking, drinking, and eating during the daytime. Guests and tourists of the country this month should refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking, and eating in public places.

It should be borne in mind that due to religious beliefs, gambling is prohibited on the territory of the United Arab Emirates, and the appearance in public in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication can lead to criminal prosecution. Although the Emirates are known for their loyal attitude towards tourists, for such offenses, especially on religious holidays, a guest can be deported from the state.

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In the UAE, during Ramadan, tourists should follow certain rules of etiquette that are accepted in the country. Any violation of the traditions and customs of this country can be considered a manifestation of disrespect for the local population.

In this light, the question may arise whether it is worth going to the UAE during Ramadan. The answer is quite simple, provided that all the customs and traditions of the country are observed, you can spend an unforgettable vacation and get a truly positive charge. It is during the Ramadan period of the UAE that all the beauty and splendor of Arab culture and age-old traditions will open before you.

After sunset, the faithful begin to gather for the so-called Iftar, a meal in the evening. Numerous cafes and restaurants offer substantial discounts to visitors, and special tents are set up on the streets, where charities prepare and distribute food to everyone, regardless of nationality and religious affiliation. In Dubai, Ramadan is a truly charitable and compassionate religious holiday.

Holidays in the UAE during Ramadan may have some restrictions for visiting guests and tourists. During Ramadan, the UAE official authorities issue special instruction sheets to hotel complexes and tourist areas, which contain the rules of conduct for tourists in Dubai during the celebration of the holy month of Ramadan.

Discos, entertainment venues, and nightclubs are closed during the month of Ramadan. In the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, alcoholic beverages are withdrawn from restaurants and bars during the religious holiday of Ramadan, but specialty shops selling alcoholic beverages continue to work during the day. You can also buy alcohol in some hotel complexes, but only at night.

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The working hours of government departments and departments, government agencies, and government bodies are being reduced. Also, the total working hours for companies operating in the private sector are being reduced. Air carriers of the Emirates in the month of the celebration of Ramadan can offer passengers a special menu prepared in the framework of Muslim traditions and customs.

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Rules to be Followed in the Month of Ramadan

If you are heading on vacation to the UAE during Ramadan, there are a few basic rules that you should strictly follow – this will save you some of the problems and difficulties with local legislation. Let’s try to consider the basic rules of behavior for tourists in Dubai during the celebration of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan:

  • During the daytime, refrain from eating food, water, alcohol, and cigarettes in public places;
  • Most cafes and restaurants are closed during the day;
  • In some establishments there are special rooms where tourists and guests can eat and smoke during the day;
  • For the period of office in many institutions, the working day is reduced;
  • If you are invited to a traditional evening meal, do not refuse. As a gift to the owner, you can take sweets or flowers;
  • Greet the locals with a Ramadan Kareem greeting, believe me, they will appreciate it;
  • Take food only with your right hand, so you will not offend the person serving you;
  • Do not forget to wish the owner and his family members peace and prosperity before dinner;
  • Do not leave the refectory table immediately after finishing a meal, for Muslims it is bad form;
  • The celebration of Ramadan is accompanied by many cultural events that will keep you interested;
  • The holy month of Ramadan is a great opportunity for tourists to taste national dishes with significant discounts, and in some cases even free of charge;
  • Many shops and malls are open all night, so you will have a great opportunity for a leisurely night shopping;
  • During the Ramadan period, you will not hear live music in cafes and restaurants;
  • The storage and drinking of alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited. Violation of this prohibition may result in a significant financial fine or even imprisonment;
  • The female half is recommended to behave modestly and avoid defiant outfits and short skirts;
  • There is also a modest dress rule for men;
  • Swimwear can only be worn in hotel pools or private beach areas;
  • It is not recommended to distract or engage in conversations with praying locals;
  • Show the utmost respect and respect for believers who observe religious fasting;
  • Avoid insults and quarrels in every possible way;
  • Completely exclude obscene expressions and language from your vocabulary, do not make offensive and obscene gestures;
  • Do not show love relationships, kisses, hugs, and others in public places;
  • If you are of a different religion, ask permission before entering the mosque.

Subject to all of the above rules, your vacation will be complete, and you will get maximum pleasure from visiting this magnificent country, which has embodied age-old traditions and modern technologies. Come to the United Arab Emirates with the whole family and treat yourself to a real holiday.

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