Quick Approach in Dubai For the Customers: Buying the Property

8:41 pm  |  15.12.2023

Dubai has adopted a turnkey approach to selling apartments, which includes full finishing, panoramic windows, plumbing, and much more. This provides convenience to both owners and tenants.

Benefits for Owners: This approach provides owners with lower installation costs, helping increase rental yield. Investors only need to add a few items such as dishes and curtains.

Individual Design of Apartments: Owners have the opportunity to independently furnish apartments, choosing furniture from various stores. However, many people prefer the services of a designer to create a stylish interior and prepare the apartment for rent.

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For remote investors, collaboration with designers and real estate agencies makes the development process easier, allowing them to control it remotely and even delegate this task.

In addition to apartments, the price of real estate includes amenities in the residential complex, such as a swimming pool, gym, children’s playground, and others. High-end projects may provide additional unique amenities.

Service Payments and Management Companies

Maintenance of the infrastructure of the residential complex is carried out by management companies, and residents make service payments. The size of these payments depends on the area and level of the project, creating a variety of prices for maintaining infrastructure in different parts of Dubai.

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Free Access to Facilities

Despite possible reservations of some investors, Dubai’s turnkey approach to housing offers unique advantages. Unlike other countries where you have to pay to use a swimming pool or a fitness club, in Dubai, all these amenities are available for free inside residential complexes.

Infrastructure Payments and Investment Attractiveness

Although some investors may think that service fees are an unnecessary expense, in other countries, there are also fees for the maintenance of common property. In Dubai, this amount is included in the price, making the infrastructure available at any time. This approach increases rental rates and attracts tenants, ultimately turning out to be beneficial for investors.

When renting, utility bills for electricity and water are usually paid by the tenant, while service charges fall on the owner. Despite the deduction of this amount from income, the presence of comfortable and varied infrastructure increases the attractiveness of housing, raising the rental rate.

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Combining Amenities and Investments

Thus, the Dubai approach to living space combines conveniences available at any time with investment attractiveness, making it a profitable choice for investors.

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