Queen Elizabeth 2: A Great Hotel Ship in Dubai is Queen Elizabeth 2 Where You Can Stay as a Tourist

1:29 pm  |  16.03.2022
Queen Elizabeth 2

A very unusual attraction in Dubai is the hotel ship Queen Elizabeth 2 where you can even stay as a tourist. Even by Dubai standards, this is very spectacular what you can imagine.

Overnight at Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel Ship

The ship in the port of Dubai

As a tourist, you can see many spectacular Dubai sights. But something very special is the former passenger ship Queen Elizabeth 2. Now you are probably wondering what is so special there. You usually think that you can take a cruise from Dubai on this ship. But since it is a very old ship, it can no longer be used there.

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That means there is now a completely different use and that is used as a hotel ship in Dubai. The ship has been in the port of Dubai since 2018, where you can even stay overnight. There are numerous luxury hotels in Dubai that are also very spectacular. That would undoubtedly be the Atlantis The Palm. But if you want to spend the night in a very unusual way, then this is possible there.

Facts and Data About the Ship

Cruise Dubai

First, you should know that it was once the flagship of the Cunard Line shipping company, where people enjoyed sailing across the Atlantic. There were around 800 crossings in total and that was of course always an experience for the passengers. Nowadays there are of course ships that are more modern like the Queen Mary 2. But Queen Elizabeth 2 was of course also modern at the time.

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Dubai cruise

It was launched on September 20, 1967, and commissioned on May 2, 1969. It was of course a privilege to sail there and only wealthy people could afford it. Incidentally, the construction costs at that time were 29 million pounds, which was already a lot. Today’s large cruise ships now cost more than a billion US dollars.

Today’s Use as a Hotel Ship

Burj al Arab tea time with pastries

As we have already learned, Queen Elizabeth 2 is now used as a hotel ship. That means you get a cruise feeling without having to leave the port. Something like that only exists in Dubai, of course. Of course, the ship had to be extensively renovated before it could be used as a hotel. But many original parts could be preserved and as a hotel guest, you feel like you have been transported back in time.

Today there are 13 passenger decks and 215 rooms and suites that have been very luxuriously furnished. These can easily compete with a luxury hotel in downtown Dubai. There is also the QE2 Spa where you can treat yourself to a massage. Then there is a 515-seat theater where events are held. So the ship is very well equipped today.

How Much Does an Overnight Stay There Cost?

Burj al Arab tea time with a sandwich

Surely one can imagine that an overnight stay in Queen Elizabeth 2 is not particularly cheap. But at certain times a normal standard double room is possible there for 130 dollars. It is important to know that it is actually an inside cabin with a size of 17 square meters. The breakfast must then be paid extra. Of course, you only get such rates in the summer months when it is off-season. But there they are possible.

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Attend Afternoon Tea

If you can’t afford to spend the night there, or just want to get a taste of the hotel, then the Afternoon Tea is definitely the right thing. In principle, this is very similar to tea time in the Burj al Arab Hotel. That means you reserve an appointment there and can then stay there for a certain amount of time. This gives you the opportunity to explore the hotel ship.

It is important there that you have to take care of a free appointment long beforehand. Surely one can imagine that the demand is very high and there are only limited places. So you should reserve this in advance. But no later than 24 hours in advance. Incidentally, tea time then takes place in the Queens Grill Restaurant and you also have to pay attention to the dress code. We recommend wearing long trousers and a shirt for men. A beautiful evening dress is recommended for women.

Rooms and Suites

If you want to spend the night there, you have a large selection of different rooms and suites. As you have already learned, there are 215 rooms. The Standard Room has a size of 17 square meters and is reminiscent of an inside cabin. That means you only have two small windows where you can lookout. But if you want a balcony with a view of the Burj Khalifa, for example, then you have to reserve the Royal Suite. There you have a size of 79 square meters and that is a great experience.

Visit a Restaurant

It is also possible if you are not a hotel guest of Queen Elizabeth 2 that you can visit a restaurant there. However, a reservation is always necessary there. Those who want to stop by there at short notice usually don’t have a good chance. The restaurants are always busy, so you should make an appointment well in advance. The dress code also applies there.

Our Opinion

In our opinion, it is a great experience to visit Queen Elizabeth 2. You can stay overnight there or just visit the Afternoon Tea. You will be amazed and it is something very unusual that you can vacation in Dubai. From there you can also quickly reach the attractions of the city and thus you can spend the entire holiday there if you want. But we recommend staying there for two to three nights and then moving back to a beach hotel or city hotel.

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