Qatar Airways: Airline from Qatar in Dubai

7:50 pm  |  17.07.2023
Qatar Airlines

The National Airline of Qatar Qatar Airways is located in Doha, the capital of Qatar, and is located on the Persian Gulf. The base of the airline is at Hamad International Airport Airport.


The establishment of the company took place on November 22, 1993, at the initiative of the Royal Family Al Thani. On January 20, 1994, flight operations with used Airbus A310-200 used aircraft and two other Boeing 727-200 were opened. Furthermore, two Boeing 747SR were purchased by the airline “All Nippon Airways”. In the first years of the existence of Qatar Airways, the company flew only losses and for these reasons was a reorganization in April 1997. These were done according to special methods with new management so that the royal family had only 50% of the company’s shares in their possession. In the further course of the restructuring, some uneconomic aircraft were sold and replaced by new ones.

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Economy Class

Sales in the 2003 financial year in the passenger area rose 47%, with a 35 percent increase. Qatar Airways introduced some major orders in 2007 by ordering 80 aircraft of Airbus A350 at Airbus 80 aircraft with a list price of 11.8 billion euros. In the same year, several long-haul aircraft were ordered at Boeing. In the airfreight area, sales could be significantly increased. In order to expand the freight offering and at the same time obtain the competitors, Lufthansa and Etihad Airways, shares of the Luxembourg cargo airline Cargolux were acquired in June 2011. Furthermore, 55 aircraft were ordered in November 2011 at the aircraft builder Airbus.

One World

In October 2012, Qatar Airways joined the “Air Ride Totalianz OneWorld”. This company consists of cooperation with several airlines, with individual companies being independent in legal terms. In September 2014, the first Airbus A380-800 was adopted, whereby the takeover could take place only after long delays. Qatar Airways had made very high demands in advance with regard to production, which had to be eliminated in passing defects. In the further course, the first Airbus series A350-900 was taken over in December 2014.

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Only the latest aircraft types are used at this airline and the aircraft are only a few years old. Therefore, the safety factor in Qatar Airways is also very high.

Qatar Airways has a very modern fleet with around 175 airplanes and another 200 aircraft have already been ordered to be delivered to the airline in the next few years. The fleet consists exclusively of Airbus and Boeing aircraft where the largest passenger plane of the World Airbus A380-800 is used. 

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Flight Destinations

Own flights from Qatar Airways take place from the seat of the airline in Doha and serve Abu Dhabi and Amman. Furthermore, Johannesburg, Buenos Aires, Moscow, Singapore, and New York are also served worldwide. Furthermore, the airports’ Frankfurt / Main, Berlin, and Munich are served several times a day. Switzerland, Belgrade, Poland, and other goals in Europe are also served. Paris, Bangkok, and London Heathrow are the other goals. Overall, “Qatar Airways” has a total of 175 aircraft and the “Qatar Amiri Flight” has 16 airlines, which are all available to the ruler’s family and government members. The logo of the airline is held in the colors of Qatar and the sideline is decorated with an antelope head.

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