Palm Jumeirah’s Cousin: New Villas and a New Island in the UAE

12:27 am  |  28.12.2023

Dubai, one of the most impressive cities globally, is renowned for its unique projects, and Palm Jebel Ali stands out as one of the largest artificial islands with grand prospects. The new palm-shaped island aspires to replicate the success of Palm Jumeirah, which has become an integral part of the city’s landscape. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting project.

Dubai is celebrated for its ambitious projects, and the new Palm is no exception. The man-made island of Palm Jumeirah attracts attention from around the world, and the property market here is thriving. In 2022, transactions totaling $6.9 billion were concluded on this island alone, marking a 40% increase from the previous year.

The Scale of the New Palm Jebel Ali: More Than Meets the Eye

The new Palm Jebel Ali is twice as large as its predecessor, Palm Jumeirah, covering an area of 13.4 thousand square kilometers (in comparison, Palm Jumeirah is 5.6 thousand square kilometers). This artificial island will add 110 kilometers to Dubai’s coastline, significantly expanding the coastal area.

Real estate by the sea has always been in high demand, and the coastal location of the new Palm attracts the attention of wealthy individuals worldwide. However, despite all its advantages, this facility is not a quick source of income, as its completion is planned for no earlier than 10 years.

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Success Story: How Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Jumeirah Came to Be

Dubai’s mission was to develop tourism, but the lack of coastline posed a problem. It was to solve this problem that the Palm Islands project was born, including the archipelagos The World and The Universe, as well as the islands of Jebel Ali, Deira, and Jumeirah.

The creation of Palm Jebel Ali in Dubai commenced in 2001 when the Sheikh of Dubai, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, introduced an ambitious project. The developer, Nakheel Properties, enlisted a Dutch dredging company to carry out the task. A 17 km long and 200 m wide breakwater was constructed in 2006. More than 10 million tons of rock were moved from the quarries of Ras al Khaimah to create the barrier.

Since 2018, the project has been frozen due to the global economic crisis. Economic challenges led to the decision to temporarily halt construction, awaiting more favorable conditions to sell plots at higher prices.

In 2020, Nakheel, the company responsible for the project, attempted to resume construction of Palm Jebel Ali, but the 2020 pandemic thwarted these plans. Now, after many years, the project has been revived, and sales of villas on the island have commenced.

More than 10 million tons of rock were moved from the quarries of Ras al Khaimah to create the barrier!

Developer and Successful Projects: The Role of Nakheel

Palm Jebel Ali is being developed and constructed by Nakheel, one of the world’s leading real estate developers. Nakheel already boasts successful projects in Palm Jumeirah, including The Palm Beach Towers.

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Nakheel Properties specializes not only in individual projects but also in creating entire communities with complete amenities such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals, and entertainment venues.

Plans for Palm Jebel Ali: Entertainment, Hotels, and Residential Facilities

While there is little information about the development yet, Palm Jebel Ali promises to be a paradise resort and an ideal place to live. Entertainment areas, over 80 hotels, and resort areas, as well as residential facilities for 35 thousand families, are planned here. In total, the island will have 110 km of new coastline.

Palm Jebel Ali Island has a unique structure consisting of a palm tree and branches. Each branch (frond) is designated by a letter, and the higher the branch, the higher the cost of housing. The numbering of villas also affects the attractiveness of the location. Developers offer various types of villas, including beach and coral options and premium villa plots.

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Opportunities for Investors: Buying “Eternal” Value

On the island of Palm Jebel Ali, villas and plots are already available for booking. This provides an opportunity to be among the first owners of real estate that is valuable on a global scale. Various options are available, including beach villas and custom villa plots.

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