Pack Your Suitcase for the Trip to Dubai: Tips on What to Pack in Your Suitcase

10:18 pm  |  07.12.2021
Suitcase for the Trip to Dubai

Here you can find out what you should pack in your suitcase when you are on vacation in the emirate of Dubai. Of course, light clothing is very important here as the temperatures are always very warm. We will describe exactly what else you should pack here.

What Belongs in the Suitcase for a trip to Dubai

Breathable clothing

We recommend that you think about what you want to take with you a few days before your planned trip to the Emirate of Dubai. Furthermore, it is crucial here whether you vacation there in summer or in winter. Basically, you can say that you can always go on vacation there. But there are still very big differences in temperatures. In the summer months, it is very hot with around 40 to 45 degrees during the day.

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Then the temperature values no longer drop below 30 degrees at night. So it makes a lot of sense that you pack a lot of light clothing in the suitcase. During the winter months, it is pleasantly warm during the day with around 25 to 30 degrees. But in the evening it can get a bit fresh again and the temperature then drops below 20 degrees. So you should pack a sweater or jacket in your suitcase there.


The most important thing you should pack in your suitcase for the Dubai trip is of course your clothes. As already mentioned above, you should orientate yourself to the time of year. In any case, we recommend taking breathable clothing with you in the hot summer months. In the meantime, this can be bought anywhere and this has the advantage that it dries very quickly. For example, if you wear a cotton T-shirt and sweat, it dries very slowly at these temperatures. So you can catch a cold very quickly when you go to the air-conditioned shopping malls. For a beach holiday, swimwear is of course very important with swimming trunks or a swimsuit. You can also wear a bikini there. This is accepted there, but then not so welcomed. But we’d rather not show too much skin then.



It is of course very important when you are out in the sun a lot that you also pay attention to the correct headgear. There are always many tourists who underestimate this and then get sunstroke after a short time. We do not recommend spending long periods of time in the sun without a hat in summer. 

Sun Protection

You can pack a lot in the suitcase. But under no circumstances should you forget sunscreen or spray. If you lie down on the beach or pool without sun protection in the summer months, you will quickly notice that you have gotten a sunburn. It is the same for many tourists and by the light skin color, you can immediately see where you come from. This skin is not used to such sun exposure. We recommend using a sun protection factor of 50 for the first few days of your vacation in Dubai. Then you can reduce this to 30 and then you normally don’t get sunburn. Children, in particular, are always at risk there and they are very sensitive there.

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If you are dependent on medication while on vacation in Dubai, then of course you should have it in your suitcase. But there are a few things to consider and here you should definitely find out exactly which ones are allowed and which are not. The import of medicines into Dubai is very strict. We recommend that you get a certificate from the doctor, which you can then show. If you have forgotten something then you can turn to English-speaking doctors in Dubai. There are also good pharmacies where you can get all the medicines you need.

Electronic Items

Nowadays, electronic items are of course very important that you like to pack in your suitcase. We recommend always stowing your notebook, camera, or photo there. If you go through the security checks at the airport with these, you always have to show them and maybe switch them on. This can be avoided by stowing everything in the suitcase. The smartphone can then be carried in the hand luggage and that is not a problem.

What Luggage Can You Take With You?

Before you even pack your suitcase, you should find out exactly how much luggage you are allowed to take with you. This is regulated differently for each airline. We recommend taking a close look at the Emirates baggage policy. But in any case, you are allowed to take at least 20 kilograms per person with you. That always depends on which tariff you have booked. You can also buy a lot on-site in Dubai if you have forgotten your toothbrush, for example. There are the largest shopping centers in the whole world like the Dubai Mall where you can buy almost anything.

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What Belongs in the Hand Luggage

The passport, tickets for the flight and the vouchers for the hotel definitely belong in the hand luggage and not in the suitcase. You always have to have this to hand because you then have to show it. Here you should also find out beforehand how much is allowed and what is not allowed in the baggage allowance. Because of the security checks at the airport, we recommend only packing what is necessary there. Otherwise, it may be that you will be searched more thoroughly there.

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