On Foot: It Is Possible to Explore a Lot in Dubai on Foot

11:32 pm  |  02.11.2021
Dubai on Foot

In principle, it is possible to explore some of the sights in Dubai on foot. We will present what these are here. But in any case, you should use different means of transport as the city is simply too big.

What to Do in Dubai on Foot

Downtown Dubai

Tourists who have never vacationed in Dubai will quickly find out that it is a very big city. Over three million people now live and work there. Furthermore, the emirate is also very large in terms of area and the attractions are widely distributed. That means you need an hour there if you want to drive from the Burj Khalifa to Legoland Dubai, for example. So this is by no means doable on foot and also not recommended. Especially with the heat in summer you have to be careful not to stay too long in the sun. But there are still numerous sights that you should definitely explore on foot. But you have to know right away that you have to walk a few kilometers there.

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Downtown Dubai

It is of course very practical to explore the beautiful Downtown Dubai on foot. For example, you can take the free shuttle bus from the hotel to the Dubai Mall. There you get out and first explore the world’s largest shopping center. If you have seen them then you should go to the bottom floor where the exit to Burj Khalifa Lake is where the Dubai Fountain show always takes place in the evening. It is now possible to walk around the lake completely.

Dubai Marina

There are no more construction sites there and that is a particularly nice walk in the evening to take. But that’s a couple of kilometers and you should definitely take that into account. So that it is not so strenuous, you should always plan a short break. There are park benches everywhere where you can relax a little. If you do this in one go, it may be too strenuous. But there are always many joggers there who jog around the lake in the evening.

Dubai Marina

A wonderful walk is also possible in the Dubai Marina. This is also great on foot and maybe you have booked a hotel there. For example, you can start walking straight from Grosvenor House Dubai towards the Marina Mall. At first glance, the distance doesn’t look very far as this is deceptive because of the surrounding skyscrapers. You need an hour for this route and you should also take a few breaks here. It is always very practical in the marina that there are park benches everywhere where you can relax again.

Furthermore, the view is sensational when you look at the high-rise buildings. The construction work in the Dubai Marina along the promenade has now been almost completed and it is possible to walk through it completely. But it will certainly take a couple of hours. Our tip is to take a taxi to the hotel again when you don’t feel like it anymore. Especially in the marina, there are always a lot of people driving around and you don’t have to wait long. An alternative would be to use the tram or the waterbus.

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The Palm Jumeirah

Tourists also love to look at the artificially created island of The Palm Jumeirah. The well-known Atlantis The Palm Hotel is located there. But first of all, you should know that this island is also very big and you usually cannot explore it on foot. There is a nice boardwalk along the outer ring where you can walk from Rixos The Palm Jumeirah to One & Only The Palm. That is definitely possible and in the evening you will also find many joggers there who like to do it. But you shouldn’t do this during the day because of the heat.

The entrance to the Riverland Dubai

If this is simply too far for you, you should take a taxi once and the taxi costs are not very expensive in Dubai. In any case, you should do this once as you pass the most famous five-star hotels in the city. This is for example the Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah or the Anantara Palm Jumeirah. The Jumeirah Zabeel Saray is certainly very spectacular.

Riverland Dubai

The Riverland Dubai is also great to explore on foot. Because that is where the amusement parks of Dubai are located, such as the Bollywood Parks or Motiongate. By the way, the outdoor area can be viewed for free without having to pay admission there. There you will find numerous shops and restaurants where you can end the evening. We definitely recommend visiting an amusement park or water park there. These are very well done and you will have a lot of fun there. It is always worth a visit, especially if you have children. But Dubai Parks and Resorts is very far from the city center and if you have a rental car this is certainly an advantage.

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The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence

As you can see from the name, The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence can also be explored perfectly on foot. There you will also find numerous shops and restaurants. There are also many hotels in the vicinity and this is a lovely promenade. From there it is not very far to The Beach where there are many other shops. If you still haven’t had enough then you can even walk to Bluewaters Island. There is a direct transition from there and that is a nice walk too.

So you can explore a lot in Dubai on foot and that is definitely necessary if you want to see something. The city is very large in terms of area and you should definitely use a means of transport for longer distances. We always recommend a combination of sightseeing and relaxation. One day you look at the attractions and the next you spend another day on the beach where you can relax.

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