Nightlife in Dubai: Top 5 Things to Do

5:16 pm  |  01.08.2021
Nightlife in Dubai

It’s colorful, it’s flashy and it’s exclusive: the nightlife in Dubai. As in every major metropolis in the world, night owls can also experience exciting evenings in Dubai. Exclusive clubs, intimate lounges, or open-air parties on the beach – these are the typical nightlife options in the glittering Arab city.

But if you are out and about at night, you will quickly notice that life is raging not only in the popular clubs but also on the streets from Dubai Marina to Sheikh Zayed Road. We plunged into the nocturnal fray and discovered five activities and insider tips that make nightlife in Dubai so special.

Spend the Night in Dubai With Club-Hopping

The classic party night! Dubai is a hotspot for lavish and overwhelming club nights full of dance, shows, and music. 

The possibilities are huge: In the cooler months, an open-air party is recommended, for example at Zero Gravity on The Beach, JBR. Another point of contact for extravagant performances, DJ sets, dance, and entertainment is the club ensemble at the Meydan racecourse. There are several top outdoor locations right next to each other.

WHITE Dubai, Drai’s DXB, and Soho Gardens DXB are excellent places for unlimited dance fun and spectacular appearances and performances by musicians, dancers, and DJs. Anyone looking for an extravagant celebrity club will not only find a glamorous nightclub in the Cavalli Club but also a select audience.

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But Dubai also has plenty of bars and great lounges to offer a fine drink. Just start your evening in one of the many bars at Dubai Marina, Madinat Jumeirah, or Sheikh Zayed Road. With hot rhythms, spicy drinks, and Mexican flair, you can swing your hips in the rooftop bar La Mezcaleria Restaurant & Bar in The Oberoi, Dubai.

Fancy a Late-Night Snack in Dubai

After long nights of partying in clubs and bars, many night owls feel cravings and a great need for a late-night snack. In Dubai, of course, this picture is also part of it. The city’s numerous falafel and shawarma shops are right at the top of the hit list for quick and nocturnal stops.


Until late at night, party guests can eat their fill of chickpea balls and rotisserie sandwiches at numerous snack bars and restaurants. A special spot for this is the area around 2nd of December Street, where, in addition to Lebanese restaurants, almost every cuisine in the world is represented.

Some restaurants are even open around the clock, such as the Al Shami Restaurant in Deira. Try the Lebanese dishes from Al Mallah Diyafah or from Riva Restaurant – a Pakistani restaurant. The dishes here are not only cheap but above all delicious. A real insider tip for everyone who wants to get an authentic impression of Dubai and its nightlife and is less about glitter, glamor, and luxury.

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A Nighttime Jaunt Through Dubai

Dubai is a car paradise. Not only are the fuel prices particularly cheap here, but the ultra-modern, well-developed road network also offers the best conditions for drivers. A drive through Dubai at night is particularly impressive. Speed ​​through the brightly lit and skyscraper-lined Sheikh Zayed Road and marvel at the colorful sea of ​​lights.

But be careful: you shouldn’t be too distracted by the glittering atmosphere on the highway. The traffic is much slower at another spot: At The Walk, JBR, expensive luxury cars, convertibles, sports cars or SUVs cruise along the lively promenade at night. 

The boulevard is also ideal for a break in one of the many cafés and bars. Travelers interested in renting a car in Dubai should book a rental car from home prior to arrival. Many well-known car rental companies are also based in Dubai, making the rental process easier and protecting against excessive local costs.

A Walk in the Evening

Dubai Marina Sunset

But Dubai is not only attractive for drivers. The city was considered pedestrian-unfriendly for many years, but a lot has happened in the urban development of the metropolis in the last ten years. In the past, mainly shopping centers were focal points for pedestrians, but now many pedestrian zones, car-free squares, and promenades have emerged. At the Dubai Marina alone, strollers can stroll undisturbed along the four-kilometer-long canal.

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Especially at night, this is a worthwhile excursion and insider tip to take a look at the impressive skyline around the new port district. The paths around the Burj Khalifa and the man-made lake with the daily water features of the Dubai Fountains are also ideal for passers-by.

Take a Seat in a Shisha Lounge

Beach Lounge

Do you prefer it quiet and cozy? Then get to know the popular evening activity of the Emiratis. Take a seat in a traditional shisha bar and watch what goes on around you.

Anyone walking through the streets of Dubai inevitably comes across places where the fragrant smoke of the water pipes surrounds the air. As everywhere in the Arab world, the lounges are popular meeting places: Smoking a shisha promotes communicative and social exchange, people chat, pass the time with board games or enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.

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