New Prospects for Investors in 2023: Dubai Apartments

3:09 pm  |  30.07.2023

Minimal taxes, quick payback, 5% per annum yield, great infrastructure, and high level – everything you can get for your investments in the UAE hotel business.

Attractive Emirates

Dubai is a young city. Back in the middle of the 20th century, its place was a village whose inhabitants earned by pearl mining. After oil was discovered in the mid-1960s things changed. Investors from Europe and the US, from India and Pakistan became the labor force. 

Dubai in the 1960s

The village turned into a city – the capital of the emirate became the pearl of the whole country. However, oil was not a major factor in Dubai’s success (only 5% of all UAE reserves). A more important driver was the creation of a free economic zone in 1985 with favorable tax and customs systems. Foreign businessmen can conduct business without the participation of local partners. This policy has attracted many investors in Dubai, including the real estate sector. 

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Dubai today is an ever-growing economy, with minimal taxes for individuals, a stable exchange rate, and 100% ownership of property. Objects that decorate the city are known all over the world: the tallest building on the planet (828 m) ‘Burj Khalifa’, one of the most expensive hotels ‘Burj al Arab’ in the form of a sail, and the highest Ferris wheel.

Circle of Comfort

Dubai’s outstanding business activity and ever-growing tourist flow are creating more job vacancies and opportunities for overseas entrepreneurs. As a result, the demand for renting apartments from expats is growing every year.

Izzzi Life Mint

In March Orange Group purchased a complex of apartments in Dubai from a Saudi Arabian developer. Izzzi Life Mint is the first hotel in the UAE from the company. The building is located in an attractive, quiet, and clean area known as JVC (Jumeirah Village Circle). This is the so-called freehold district – the location where foreigners can buy property with full private ownership.

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JVC consists mainly of Arab and Mediterranean villas and stylish townhouses, between which studios and apartments are located. If you look at the map, you can see that the area is a circle. Carefully designed infrastructure includes kindergartens and schools, clinics and pharmacies, sports, and playgrounds. There are lots of cafes, restaurants, shops, huge mall. There are parks and squares, palm trees growing on the streets, and lawns with flowers. 

Units for Everyone

Izzzi Life Mint is a finished building with a total area of 14.8k. sq. m. The house has five floors, underground parking, and a closed landscaped area with organized infrastructure. 

JVC view

By the autumn of 2023, the facility will be renovated. The updated project involves the availability of premises and areas for the most comfortable stay: reception with security, lobby with coworking, coffee point, and barbecue area, as well as open cinema. Active lifestyle lovers will enjoy the swimming pool, fitness room, and open-air playground. The apartment complex also provides laundry, workshops, and other services to solve household problems.

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The hotel is designed for 115 units. These are apartments of different sizes and formats, but all with ergonomic layouts and stylish interiors. There are suitable options for a single tenant or a couple, as well as for families with children.

Prices for units are affordable – from $ 150 thousand. (at the exchange rate of June 7, 2023). This is the cost of a studio room with an area of 27 to 30 m with decoration, furniture, and household appliances. To become an owner, you need to pay the entire amount at once. After the deal is completed you can get a free parking lot.


The Izzzi Life Mint complex already has a constant rental flow. Buyers are invited to invest and receive income from the very first month after the purchase.

The investment structure of the Orange Group – Orange Life has prepared a unique offer: investors have the right to live in their apartments for up to three months a year. This period can be divided. In this case, customers pay only utility bills.

The management company takes care of all services to ensure the occupancy of the apartments and paperwork, investors do not have to immerse themselves in these processes. The guaranteed profitability of the project is 5% until the end of 2025. In addition, at the end of each year, additional payments are made according to the operating result: if the profit exceeds 5%, the difference will be transferred to the buyer.

The experience of Izzzi and the centralization processes parts can significantly reduce the cost of maintaining the complex compared to the management company from developers. And the presence of a Vacancy Home Rental license with the ability to rent out apartments for any type of lease ensures almost 100% occupancy at minimal promotion costs.

All apartments will be furnished for one year and a half, and contracts will be transferred from long-term to medium-term and short-term rentals – from 1 day to 11 months. This will expand the range of tenants (rooms will be available not only to those with a residence permit but also to tourists), and it can significantly raise rates and increase profitability by 30% or more.

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