New Paradise: Raffles The Palm Dubai Offers a Unique Holiday Experience

1:42 am  |  25.12.2023

With the opening of its new hotel, Raffles The Palm Dubai invites its guests to experience a world of incredible luxury. Palm Jumeirah Resort promises an unforgettable stay, offering luxurious amenities and stunning sea views.

Benefits of a Luxury Location: Palm Jumeirah and Its Unique Perks

Palm Jumeirah is one of the most prestigious areas in Dubai, and Raffles The Palm Dubai takes full advantage of it. The island’s favorable location provides convenience for guests, being near several airports. The hotel occupies the best beach on the island, guaranteeing a high-class holiday and privacy for visitors.

Luxury in Details: Interiors with Gold and Swarovski Crystals

From the moment guests enter the lobby of Raffles The Palm Dubai, they are transported into an atmosphere of luxury.

The lobby area is over 2,500 square meters, decorated with 24-karat gold leaf, and an amazing chandelier with Swarovski crystals creates a unique look. Every detail of the interior carries a high level of art and craftsmanship, ensuring your stay at the hotel is an unforgettable experience.

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European Elegance: Furniture by Francesco Molon

The Francesco Molon brand philosophy, based on high quality and historical heritage, is embodied in the furniture of Raffles The Palm Dubai. Over 70 thousand pieces of furniture from the Italian studio Francesco Molon helped create the atmosphere of an 18th-century European palace. Every detail of this furniture is decorative and has outstanding characteristics of high quality, comfort, and durability. Employee Andrea Fortuna, formerly of Francesco Molon and now the hotel’s “furniture curator,” ensures that the furniture always remains in perfect condition, maintaining its sophistication and charm.

Butler Service: The Invisible Keepers of Comfort at Raffles Hotels

All Raffles hotels provide butler services to guests, creating an atmosphere of lightness and comfort. A personal butler at Raffles The Palm Dubai is available to handle a variety of tasks, from unpacking luggage to creating personalized entertainment programs tailored to each guest’s individual preferences.

The Luxury of Grandeur: Raffles The Palm Dubai and Its Impressive Size

With 389 rooms and 8 villas, Raffles The Palm Dubai is an impressive combination of luxury and scale. This hotel, located in Dubai, makes an impact not only with its palace style but also with its gigantic size, attracting the attention of guests just a week after its opening.

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Culinary Achievements: Restaurants and Bars that Win the Hearts of Guests

The strategically assembled professional staff creates an atmosphere of passion for cooking, reflected in the service and dishes.

Raffles The Palm Dubai offers several restaurants and bars, each made successful by its outstanding staff. Director Batuhan Piatti leads the culinary team, Gianluca Guinzoni is in charge of pastries and desserts, and Mauro runs the Matagi restaurant, offering a unique combination of Italian and Japanese cuisine.

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Gastronomic Dome: Chef’s Table and 360-Degree Views

Raffles The Palm Dubai is dominated by a gastronomic dome containing a Chef’s Table space. This unique gastronomic offer includes a round table for 12 people, a menu prepared by personal brand chef Batuhan Piatti, and breathtaking views of the sea and Dubai skyscrapers. Discover exclusive dining experiences combined with incredible 360-degree panoramas.

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