Museum Of The Future: A Glimpse Into the Future is Possible at the Museum Of The Future in Dubai

7:07 pm  |  21.07.2023
Museum Of The Future

A spectacular building in Dubai is the Museum Of The Future that you should see as a tourist. As you can tell from the name, everything revolves around the future. You see things there that don’t exist anywhere else.

Visit the Museum Of The Future in Dubai

The Emirate of Dubai is known for being very modern and would like to be one of the leading nations in all areas. Anyone who has never vacationed there will be amazed at how modern the city is today. In some cases, you can already imagine how people will live, work and live there in the future. If you are interested in something like that, you should take a look at the Museum Of The Future.

From the outside, the building is an architectural eye-catcher, and architects, in particular, will be impressed. But of course also tourists and because of the extraordinary design, it is worth a visit. The latest innovations are presented there and of course, climate change plays a very important role today. In our opinion, Dubai has created a new attraction with this museum.

Address and Location

The construction of the Museum Of The Future

Before visiting, you should of course also find out exactly how you can reach the Museum Of The Future at all. As already mentioned, the building can be recognized from afar because of its interesting design. It is located right on Sheikh Zayed Road and more specifically opposite the famous Emirates Towers.

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You can reach the museum very well with the Dubai Metro and then simply get off at Emirates Towers Metro Station. From there it’s only a 250-meter walk and you’re there. You can also take a taxi there. This is very convenient for the hotel guests of the Jumeirah Emirates Towers as this attraction is right in front of it.

Opening Hours

View from Sheikh Zayed Road

The Museum Of The Future is open daily from Monday to Sunday between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. So you can go any day of the week whenever you want. You should plan at least two to three hours for a visit. We recommend going there during the week as there are of course more visitors at the weekend.

Prices for a Ticket

A ticket is required to visit and a day ticket costs 145 dirhams for adults. If you have children under the age of three, entry is even free. Admission is not that cheap, but it is definitely worth it and you will be amazed. You feel like you’re in the future there and you can already experience it there.

Take a Look Into the Future

Who hasn’t dreamed of what life could look like in the future? You get a very realistic representation in the Museum Of The Future and the building is divided into seven floors. As a visitor, you can find out everything wonderfully yourself and you will definitely be impressed. The modern building is 77 meters high and was designed by architect Shaun Killa.

As already mentioned, climate change plays a very important role today. You look for alternative raw materials and there is an extra area in the museum that only deals with this topic. But looking into space is also very important and people may inhabit other planets one day. It is definitely very spectacular as you are used to from Dubai.

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In our opinion, a visit to the Museum Of The Future is definitely recommended. There is also a lot to learn there and it is one of the best museums the emirate has to offer. Everything is very modern there and of course, it is something completely different like the Dubai Museum for example. There they deal with history. But the future is of course very important how people will live.

If you’re interested in something like that, then you’ve come to the right place. We always recommend tourists to combine beach and sightseeing. That means you relax and unwind on the beautiful beaches in Dubai such as La Mer Beach. But you should also see the great sights like the free Dubai Fountains, or the many museums.

An Impressive Architecture

Emirates Towers and Museum Of The Future

From the outside, the museum looks like an eye with Arabic characters and at night it is spectacularly illuminated. As already mentioned, the architecture is a highlight and there are already many modern buildings in the city. But the Museum Of The Future is something very special and it’s amazing that you can build something like that at all. But the Emirate of Dubai has made it possible again and it probably has the most spectacular buildings in the world.

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Our Opinion

Now you have learned a lot of information about the Museum Of The Future. If you still have time on your Dubai vacation then you should definitely check this out. This is of course something different than the big shopping malls or water fountains. That’s where the future is concerned. Admission may not be that cheap, but you will definitely be amazed at what you can see there.

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