Mohammed Bin Rashid Library: One of the Largest Libraries in the Region is the Mohammed bin Rashid Library in Dubai

10:42 pm  |  24.03.2022
Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

Of course, there is also a large library in Dubai and the Mohammed bin Rashid Library is just the right thing. You can find a lot of books there and surely there is something for everyone.

Mohammed bin Rashid Library in Dubai

Library in Dubai

Spectacular buildings such as the Burj Khalifa can be found everywhere in the Emirate of Dubai. But you certainly don’t expect that from a library. As a rule, these are not such large buildings. As you are used to from Dubai, money, and size were not spared when building the Mohammed bin Rashid Library.

The construction of the library

The library is one of the largest in the region and is therefore particularly interesting. You can find around 1.5 million books there and that’s impressive. Even from the outside, the building is an eye-catcher and many tourists are probably wondering what that is exactly. From the Dubai Festival City, you have a great view of the building and you can also take great photos from there.

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Address and Location

Now you are probably wondering how you can reach the Mohammed bin Rashid Library at all. By the way, the location is right on Dubai Creek and it is best if you take a taxi there. In our opinion, this is the best option to use. Another alternative is to use the Creek Metro Station. From there you can also quickly reach the library on foot.

But there is still a lot of construction going on in this area of ​​Dubai, so it’s always better to take a taxi in front of the main entrance. If you then looked at the library then you can take it back to the hotel. But it can be that you have to wait a little longer because there are not that many taxis driving around. Just wait a few minutes for the next one to come.

Opening Hours

Dubai Creek overlooking the library

Before visiting, you should also find out about the opening hours of the Mohammed bin Rashid Library. This means it is not open every day of the week. Normally this is always open from Sunday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:15 p.m. It is important to know that the library is not open on Saturday. That means you can’t visit them there.

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Because that’s exactly where the weekend in Dubai is. Now you are probably wondering when is the best time and day to visit. We always recommend going there during the week and then it doesn’t have that many visitors. A good day to visit is certainly Monday and then you can go there early in the morning. You have the opportunity to look at the books in peace.

Spectacular Design and Architecture

As you have already experienced, there are numerous extraordinary buildings in Dubai and as a tourist, you will certainly be amazed at what is there. The special thing about the Mohammed bin Rashid Library is certainly the architecture. From the outside, the building looks like an open book. Building something like this is of course very spectacular. No expense or effort was spared in the Emirate of Dubai to build something like this.

It is estimated that the construction costs should have amounted to around one billion dirhams. Of course, this is a lot of money. But the emirate is one of the richest countries in the world and can easily afford something like that. Savings are being made in other large cities. Investments continue to be made in Dubai and the city’s infrastructure is now certainly one of the best in the world.

You Can Also Borrow Books There

Of course, you can also borrow books there, and that’s what a library is all about. In today’s modern times it is certainly strange for many that one still reads books in printed form. As a rule, this is always the case with younger people and they also like to read an e-book. But of course, that’s exactly what you get in the Mohammed bin Rashid Library as well as audiobooks. The library is very well set up and you will also find many international titles there. So it’s worth a visit there and you have a large selection.

Visit for Tourists

As a tourist, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth visiting during your vacation. The answer is yes, and the extraordinary architecture alone is worth a visit. You will be amazed by this modern building. The Emirate of Dubai invests a lot of money in buildings that are open to the public. If you are in the vicinity then you should definitely stop by.

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The Mohammed bin Rashid Library is not only a library but also a great location for events. There is a large theater with 500 seats where large events are regularly held. So you also have the opportunity to visit them on your Dubai vacation. Especially if you are interested in books then you are in the right place.

Our Opinion

As you are used to from Dubai, the Mohammed bin Rashid Library is a very unusual building. Other cities around the world are certainly dreaming of this too. But the Emirate of Dubai has the financial resources to build something like this. You should check out the library if you’re nearby. Definitely worth it.

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