Medical Tips: What Belongs in the First-Aid Kit for a Dubai Vacation

9:57 pm  |  24.12.2021
First-Aid Kit

A first-aid kit for your Dubai vacation is recommended and also makes sense. These can then be used in the event of health problems. But there are a few things to consider there.

Why Do You Need a First-Aid Kit For Your Trip to Dubai

Dubai drugs

As a rule, you can spend a nice holiday there, without any health problems. But complaints such as stomach pain, headache, etc. can also occur at any time. Then it is very good to have a first-aid kit. There you can then take a tablet that can help with the symptoms. However, you shouldn’t overdo it with the first-aid kit and here we describe what you should take with you and what doesn’t make sense.

You should also know that not all drugs are imported into Dubai. This means that these are forbidden there and we also explain what exactly they are here. Basically, you should always adapt the first-aid kit for the respective travel destination, as there are different requirements there. We recommend compiling the content long before the trip so that you don’t forget. It is also possible that you can buy a complete first-aid kit from a pharmacy. But there can be a lot in there that you don’t need.

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Painkillers and Fever Killers are Important

It may well be that you get a headache while on vacation. Then you are happy if you have headache pills in the first-aid kit that always work quickly. Furthermore, it can be that you get a fever or a toothache. There are also corresponding tablets that help. Paracetamol, which helps with many ailments, is always particularly popular. But you are only allowed to take with you quantities that are sufficient for the vacation and no more.

Medicines for the Stomach


Especially if you have booked a half-board, you can always help yourself to the buffet from the luxury hotels. There the selection is very large and also tempting. That means you eat too much and later you can get stomach pain, nausea, heartburn, etc. Furthermore, diarrhea is possible because you may not tolerate the food. There are also many tablets that can help without having to go to a doctor in Dubai.

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Sore Throat, Runny Nose, and Colds

Another problem which many tourists underestimate is that you can catch a cold on vacation in Dubai. Usually, you don’t think you can get anything at these temperatures. But the problem is always the air conditioning where you can get a sore throat quickly. The reason is that you sweat and then go into cold buildings. You should definitely avoid that. 

Medicines Against Insect Bites are Also Necessary

Mosquito repellent

In recent years there have been more and more insect bites in Dubai as many artificial lakes have been created. There the mosquitoes always feel particularly comfortable what you can imagine. You should always have an ointment against insect bites with you in your first-aid kit. A mosquito spray that you can use is also useful. We recommend always keeping the balcony door of the hotel room closed. It is also important that the room remains well-cooled in the summer months.

Drugs for Constipation

When you go on holiday to a foreign country, you always have a lot of digestive problems. That means you might get constipated and the body always has to get used to the new environment first, which can take a few days. Our tip is to have juice or fruit right there for breakfast. This always stimulates digestion and you no longer have any problems. 

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Cream for Bruises, Sprains, and Strains

It is often the case that you only put on flip flops, for example, and you can quickly get a sprain there. Then it is very good if you have a suitable cream in your first-aid kit that can help. Furthermore, swelling can occur, and then anti-inflammatory medication is necessary. We always recommend wearing the right footwear when on holiday so that you cannot fall or cross your foot. But this has already happened to many tourists.


The sun’s rays in particular are very high in Dubai. You definitely need adequate sunscreens such as a cream or spray. It is best to use a sun protection factor of 30 for the first few days so that the skin can get used to it. Then you can reduce this again so that you also get a nice tan. If you don’t do this properly you can get sunburned very quickly.


Of course, there are also pharmacies in Dubai where you can buy medicines. There are a lot of things that you can get without a prescription. You also get a lot of the same products and you don’t need to pack them in your first-aid kit. It is also possible that the name of the drug has a different name. So you get everything there and the staff is always very nice and happy to help.

View the List of Prohibited Drugs

There is a list of prohibited drugs that cannot be brought into Dubai. You should therefore take a closer look at our article about Dubai medicines. For example, if you have an illness where you have to take strong painkillers then you should always have a doctor’s certificate with you, which you can then show at the control at Dubai International Airport. So you don’t get any problems there.

Our Opinion

We always recommend taking a first-aid kit with you so that you don’t always have to go to the same doctor. But it always depends on which complaints you have. In any case, you should contact a doctor if you can no longer treat this yourself. There you should always make sure that you have foreign health insurance.

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