Mall of Arabia: Should Be the Largest Mall in the World

10:07 pm  |  28.03.2022

The Mall of Arabia is the name of a planned shopping mall in Dubailand. The mall should one day be the largest in the world with many shops and of course should one day surpass the Dubai Mall in terms of the number of shops and visitors numbers.

New and bigger malls are constantly being announced in Dubai and the Mall of Arabia is one of them. It remains to be seen whether this will ever be built, but it would certainly be a very spectacular mall that will then be part of the Dubailand project.

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It is planned to build amusement parks there, which of course would attract many tourists. So far there is no amusement park in Dubai and in the next few years, this should be different.

Construction Stages

Surely one can imagine that the Mall of Arabia has to be built first and Dubailand has to be built in different construction phases. This will all take a few more years and the operators are expecting 200,000 visitors. Of course, the construction costs are not exactly cheap either and are estimated at five billion US dollars.

The Mall of Arabia is said to have 1,400 stores and so far the Dubai Mall has 1,200 stores. If you visit there, you would have to plan a lot of time so that you can take a close look at everything. A whole day is best, as you need a lot of time to visit the Dubai Mall.

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Shopping with your family

The location of the Mall of Arabia directly on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, where the Global Village is also located, is certainly very practical. However, there are currently only residential complexes such as Arabian ranches in this area. Tourists rarely come to this area of ​​Dubai as it is very far from the city center.

Once the whole city with a shopping mall is built, you can certainly assume that there will also be a Dubai Metro connection where you can quickly reach the Mall of Arabia.

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Of course, it is better if you have your own apartment or house there. Because a district is also being built for 40,000 inhabitants. They don’t have to go very far to this shopping center and there will be a complete infrastructure like for a small town.

Also in this area is currently the Dubai Outlet Mall where you can shop cheaply. Tourists who want to go to this region of Dubai should at least drive their own rental car. Taxis will certainly not go to this area as it is just too far from the city center.

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