Luxurious Tourism: Villa with Private Beach in Dubai

12:03 am  |  12.10.2023

What it feels like to vacation in a rental property on The Palm. In your own villa with eight rooms, three-and-a-half-meter high ceilings, and a view of Burj al-Arab to the left on the horizon.

It’s the same as always when you’re on vacation in a holiday home – especially when you arrive by plane. First, go to the supermarket and buy hummus, flatbread, non-alcoholic beer, sparkling apple juice, fresh dates, honey from the Hajjar mountains, and freshly caught local fish for the grill, this time Hammour.

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And put everything in the trunk of the rental car. A little later, a security guard opens the barrier at the entrance to the quiet and sparkling clean private road, the car rolls past front gardens with large palm trees, and the key finally turns in the heavy door. 

Butler, Сhef, or Сhauffeur

Palm Jumeirah, also known as “The Palm”, is an artificial island off the coast of Dubai that was built in the shape of a palm tree. It covers 560 hectares and is structured in three parts: the palm trunk, 17 palm fronds, and the outer crescent moon. The trunk is connected to the mainland with a 300-meter-long bridge.

In 2008, the massive landfill The Palm was opened in the Gulf of Dubai. The trunk is four kilometers long and 600 meters wide, with 16 branches accessible by roads lined with villas. Dubai’s coastline has gained around 100 kilometers through this project – to the delight of investors because after all, waterfront properties were significantly more expensive to sell than those inland.

This also applies to holiday rentals. Around 50 villas on The Palm are marketed through various channels including broad holiday home portals, and there are also specialists. Prices start at around 1,000 dollars per night for a house with three bedrooms and around 1,300 dollars for a house with ten beds. There are outliers downwards during the hot and humid summer months. In the winter months, especially around New Year’s Eve, it can be significantly more.

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If you travel as a couple, it’s expensive fun. If there are six or eight of you traveling, the luxurious villa can even be cheaper than a beach hotel of the same standard. If you really want to, you can spend more money – and book a butler, chef, or chauffeur.

Holiday homes in Dubai are not limited to The Palm. Even in the test-tube settlements far inland, there are houses that are marketed as temporary options on a daily or weekly basis – almost always cheaper than on The Palm. Holiday apartments have become more abundant once again. 

Wedel E

You obviously share a privilege: being at home on Wedel E of The Palm. Even if it’s just for a few days. Frequently, only the delivery people from a nearby Indian pizza service arrive. They have a lot of regular customers on the street. If you approach the barrier at the entrance, it opens without you having to identify yourself. They are part of it – albeit with a different role distribution.

The villa owners and residents apparently depend on them. You can make some conclusions about the customers’ nationality from the delivery times: Ex-Pats – the foreigners who reside here – like most holiday villa guests, order from a delivery service at European time in the afternoon or evening. In contrast, Arabs order late at night and afternoon. 

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If you don’t cook yourself, you’re missing out on the best holiday joy. Shopping in Dubai can be enjoyable, whether it’s in a Carrefour supermarket, an Indian Lulu hypermarket offering exotic products, or at the Dubai Creek market in the city center.

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