Labor Rights of Workers in the UAE: Detailed Analysis

11:40 pm  |  16.04.2024

In the business world, where cultures and laws vary from country to country, it is important to study labor rights aspects in detail, especially when doing business in countries with unique laws. In this article, we will look at the labor rights of workers in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

If you are an employee or employer in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it is important to keep up to date with the latest employment law changes. Federal Labor Regulations and Amendments Decree-Law No. 33 of 2021, known as the UAE Labor Law, is a comprehensive document that outlines the rights and responsibilities of workers and employers in the country. This law is regularly updated and adapted to modern standards to ensure fair treatment of all parties involved.

Types of Labor Contracts

In the Emirates, employment does not occur without a contract. Under UAE law, there are two main types of employment contracts: limited term and unlimited term. A limited employment contract specifies the exact duration of the contract, while an unlimited employment contract implies a longer-term cooperation.

It is noteworthy that the probationary period can last up to six months, but should not exceed this period.

Contents of the Employment Agreement

An employment contract in the UAE must contain the following basic elements:

  • Personal details of the parties: Full name, address, and contact information of the employee and employer.
  • Working conditions: Description of the conditions of employment, position, place of work, working hours, length of the working day, probationary period (which should not exceed six months), and length of the working week. And also questions about who may have the right to change the conditions.
  • Terms of payment: Salary, amount of severance pay to be paid by the employer, methods of payment, date of payment, and other compensation benefits.
  • Rights and responsibilities of the parties: Statement of the rights and responsibilities of the employee and the employer, including rules of employment, conduct, confidentiality, obligations that the employer and employee must provide, etc.
  • Conditions for the expiration of the employment contract: Dismissal procedures, for what reasons the employer has the right to dismiss the employee, after what period, and compensation at the end of the work contract.

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Working Time and Vacation

According to the rules of the UAE Ministry of Labor, the working week in the UAE is usually 48 hours, and the working day is 8 hours. It is important to consider that many organizations are adopting more flexible working hours. Vacation is generally provided for at least 21 working days per year, but this may vary depending on company policy.

Salary and Bonuses

The UAE has a system of mandatory minimum wages for various categories of workers. It is also common to provide bonuses, severance pay, and additional benefits, which can be an additional incentive for employees.

Visas and Work Permits

Foreign employees must obtain the appropriate visa and work permit issued by the employer. This is the responsibility of the company and failure to comply with this rule may result in serious consequences.

Dismissal and Transfer Between Companies

Dismissing an employee in the UAE can be a complex process and is governed by federal labor law. Transferring an employee between companies also requires appropriate procedures and permits.

In the UAE, an employee can terminate a permanent contract at any time, but the employee must give the employer at least 30 days written notice before termination. An employer also cannot fire an employee without notice.

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Key points for business:

  • Compliance with labor laws.
  • Business organizations. We are ready to provide advice to companies, both local and foreign, on organizing a business in the UAE, taking into account local labor laws.
  • Training and education of personnel, if the company declares this.

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Labor rights in the UAE provide a wide range of guarantees and benefits for employees. It is important not only to monitor changes in legislation but also to adapt to these changes and build successful business processes based on respect for labor rights.

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