Kite Beach Dubai: Wonderful Public Place

3:03 pm  |  15.11.2021
Kite Beach Dubai

For sports enthusiasts, Kite Beach Dubai is one of the most beautiful beaches to visit. Because there the conditions are ideal to be able to practice this sport.

The Beautiful Kite Beach Dubai

The beach Kite Beach in Dubai

Of course, it is also a good idea to do some sport while on holiday. Kitesurfing is currently very popular in the metropolis. There you stand on a board and are pulled by a large stunt kite. This is a lot of fun and you can only do it in certain places that are suitable for it. If you want to try this out then you can go to Kite Beach Dubai and do this once. The nice thing there is always that you don’t have to bring anything with you. That means you just go there and try it out without having to register beforehand. Of course, it is also nice to relax and unwind on the beach all day. But at some point, you will definitely want to do something different.

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The Beach Costs Admission

Since Kite Beach Dubai is a public beach, you do not have to pay any entrance fee there. But you have to know that there are also beaches in the emirate where you have to pay a fee. There are numerous beach clubs and much more. But there it is completely free and in our opinion, it is also one of the best beaches the emirate has to offer. There are also many tourists who, for example, have booked a city hotel. As a rule, these hotels usually have a small pool on the roof where there is not much space. Then you definitely want to go to the beach and that is possible for all visitors there. It doesn’t matter whether you are a tourist or a local.

You Can Park There

Kitesurfing in Dubai

You can park your rental car for free directly on the beach. However, you have to know that there is always a limited number of free places. During the week you usually always have a good chance and then you get a parking space. But when the weekend is in Dubai there are significantly more visitors. Then, of course, these are always occupied very quickly and you should go there early in the morning. Many tourists always rent a rental car while on vacation. There you are independent and do not have to follow the times of public transport. This is, of course, a great advantage and you can then go back to the hotel whenever you want. Once the free parking spaces are occupied, there are others where you have to pay a fee.

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Water Temperature at Kite Beach Dubai

A kite surfer

In order to be able to practice the sport of kitesurfing, one must have a comfortable water temperature. In the emirate of Dubai, this is always very pleasant due to the year-round warm climate. There you don’t have to worry about whether it is cold. However, you have to know that in the months of summer the water heats up very strongly with around 30 degrees. Many then perceive this as a warm bathtub and others as pleasant. If you want it a little cooler, we recommend the months over the winter. There is also the main season in Dubai and the water temperature is then between 20 to 25 degrees. This is then ideal for swimming in the sea.

Are there also sanitary facilities there

The sanitary facilities are of course also very important when visiting a beach. If you stay there for a few hours then you have to go to the toilet at some point. You might also want to take a quick shower. Since Kite Beach Dubai is a public beach, you might think that there is no such thing there. But there are showers and toilets for visitors that can be used. So this is very practical and the standard is almost like that of a hotel in the city. The public beaches in Dubai in particular are very clean and well-kept. You can use them without hesitation and you can certainly not expect this in other popular travel destinations around the world.

You Can Borrow Umbrellas and Beach Chairs There

The Kite Beach of Dubai

Kite Beach Dubai is a public beach and you have to bring everything with you. As a visitor, you cannot expect a standard there like in a five-star hotel where the beach chairs are already available for the visitors. But you still have the opportunity to rent beach chairs and umbrellas for a fee. So you can also use this. A parasol is always very important, especially in summer, as the sunshine there is very high and intense. You probably don’t need this over the winter and you can enjoy the sun. Of course, you can bring everything you want with you. If you also have a rental car, luggage doesn’t matter.


Lifeguards can always be found at Kite Beach Dubai during normal bathing times. These also ensure security and the emirate attaches great importance to ensuring that nothing happens to the tourists. We also recommend that you always use the colors of the flags as a guide before swimming in the sea. There you can see very quickly whether it is safe or not. If the red flag can be seen then you are not allowed to go swimming in the sea. But if this is green then everything is fine.

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If you are on vacation in Dubai then it is difficult to bring complete equipment with you to practice the sport of kitesurfing. That is why there are a few providers where you can borrow them for a fee. As already mentioned, you don’t need to bring anything yourself and everything is provided. Furthermore, you always get a short briefing on how to behave. Tourists who try this for the first time will surely have a few difficulties there. But after a short time this is easy and a lot of fun at Kite Beach Dubai.


Food is of course also very important, especially if you want to stay there all day. Either you have to bring something yourself that you can eat there. There are also a few good restaurants where you can get everything from burgers to cold drinks. We do not recommend bringing anything there and buying it on site. Drinks in particular are always warm very quickly and have to be cooled. There is no supermarket nearby that can be reached on foot.

How to Get to the Beach

The beach belongs to the long Jumeirah Beach and the Kite Beach Dubai is a small part of it. We recommend taking a taxi there when you go there for the first time. But if you have a rental car then you can drive there yourself. But as a rule, very few tourists have a car. So the taxi is the best way to get there. The beach cannot be reached with the Dubai Metro and you would have to walk too far there.

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