Is it Worth Buying Electronics in Dubai: There are a Few Things to Consider When Buying Electronics in Dubai

1:03 pm  |  30.09.2021
Electronics in Dubai

We will describe here once whether it is worth buying electronic goods in Dubai. You can definitely get a bargain. But certainly not everywhere you can imagine.

Well Worth Buying Electronics in Dubai

Dubai Mall Shopping Center

In many media, the emirate of Dubai is often reported incorrectly because everything is very cheap there and you can get the products there at a bargain price. Unfortunately, this is not the case and as a tourist, you should definitely be prepared for it. There are certainly some products and goods that can be bought cheaply there. We will explain what these are here. Basically, buying electronic items is usually not worthwhile. You might want to buy the latest smartphone, notebook, or camera. Of course, you will also get this in one of the numerous Dubai shopping malls. But there is always a lot to consider there that you should know.

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Is a Laptop or Smartphone Cheaper There?

The first thing to do is to find out exactly how the prices are in a large shopping center such as the Dubai Mall, for example. Then we recommend making price comparison for what this costs in Dubai and in your country. Furthermore, you always have to factor in the exchange rate and how you pay there. If you pay with a credit card then there may be additional costs. You should definitely know that and whether it is still worth it. As a rule, the prices for a smartphone or notebook are not cheaper.

Mall of the Emirates shopping center

It may well be that the prices are even more expensive than in an electronics store in Europe or the USA. So a purchase would not be worthwhile. You always get very good advice in Dubai and you can also try out the devices. This is not a problem at all and the staff is very friendly. But before you buy something you should sleep on it again for a night and not buy it so quickly. Because if you have bought something, you cannot simply return it in Dubai.

Can You Change the Language?

If you have decided to buy a smartphone in Dubai, for example, you should find out beforehand whether you can change the language there. The keyboard is also very important when buying a notebook. You should definitely consider this and there are always a few things to consider when buying electronics. You can’t just look at the price.

Electronics Stores

Of course, you will find numerous good electronics stores in Dubai where you can buy everything from notebooks to smartphones. As a rule, these are even significantly larger and the selection is very large. You can easily stay there for an hour without it getting boring. Furthermore, you have the advantage that you can try out the products. However, it can be that you are approached by a seller right away. Because they want to sell something. But that’s not a problem and you can get non-binding advice. In any case, they are always at the cutting edge of technology and are also very familiar with the products. You should then go to a large shopping mall such as the Dubai Mall or Mall of the Emirates. There are even several specialist markets that specialize in electronics.

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Are the Products Cheaper at the Airport?

You always hear that you should buy directly at the airport where you can get the products cheaper. In our opinion, this is not the case and is even a little more expensive. But you can also buy electronics in the duty-free area of ​​Dubai International Airport. That’s no problem at all and you can also get the latest smartphone there. There are also sufficient advisors there. But you won’t get a bargain there.

Take Advantage of the Dubai Shopping Festival and Summer Surprises

If you definitely want to save money when buying electronic goods then you should do so at the Dubai Shopping Festival, for example. There the prices are always significantly reduced and then a bargain is possible. But then you always have to be very fast and there are always certain products that are heavily discounted. Furthermore, these are then only in stock in a certain number. So you should go to the mall early in the morning. Because everyone would like to get a bargain. A similar event is the Dubai Summer Surprises, where the goods are then also much cheaper. So the travel time is also very important if you want to shop there cheaply. Otherwise, the products are either equally expensive or you have to pay even more.

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Our Opinion

You should definitely think twice about buying electronics in Dubai. We do not recommend doing this spontaneously under any circumstances. As already mentioned, it is better to sleep on it again for a night and compare the prices carefully. If you have really found a bargain then you should grab it. However, there should then be high savings. If you only save a few euros then you should keep your hands off it as it is not worth it. Problems with customs can also arise if you have bought too much.

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