Incredible Arabian Perfumery: Top 8 Dubai Fragrances

8:54 pm  |  16.05.2021
Arabian Perfumery

Arabian perfume is very different from the most popular flavors widely available in most perfume stores. Anyone who has ever come across the scents of Middle Eastern spirits will never mistake them for anything else. Arabian perfumery is always based on natural ingredients, you will never find alcohol or synthetic additives here. Natural components not only give unique shades of scent to such perfumes but also guarantee that you will never have an allergic reaction to such products.

Sultan by Al Haramain

This sweet fruit and floral scent with strong vanilla notes. The very vivid smells of different berries are developed in different ways, depending on the intensity of your movements and the nature of the environment. 

If you’re in closed spaces for long periods of time, be careful with the amount of perfume – it can become obsessive if you apply too much. Even though the product is positioned as unisex, from the first time you know it, you can definitely say it’s more of a female flavor.

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Every day you use these spirits, you will discover them in new ways. Sometimes you might think that they have too much vanilla, another day you’ll feel a very colorful fruit-berry palette that even the most sophisticated gourmet will have to taste. In general, the smell can be characterized as serious and expensive, it is never confused with the cheap smells of the products of budget producers very similar to domestic chemistry.

Royale by Rasasi

The royal perfume from the Rasai brand can also be called sweet, but here the sweetness is very successfully compensated by citrus notes. 

The big mistake would be to say that this scent is more suitable for windy, light-headed women. Its royal name is fully justified and the bright sweet and sour composition harmonizes well with stringency and cool flavors of spicy spices. The Royale Rasasi has very good stability, even a very small number of them guaranteed to create a noticeable but unobtrusive plume.

Hala by Khalis

Hala, at first sight, gives the impression of a very sweet aroma, but this impression survives only a few seconds after the first application. 

In fact, this perfume is designed to create an atmosphere of lightness and freshness around a woman. The gentle smell pleasantly envelops you and attracts all who are nearby with its intriguing composition. Excellent endurance makes «Hala» a perfect choice for the cold season, it will conquer your surroundings with its soft sweetness and will remind everyone of the warm colors of spring.

Bushra by Khalis

To create a halo of light womanhood, this perfume would be perfect. 

Its fruit-berry sweetness is completely untouched and fits most women who have never tasted Arabic flavors before. Men are generally not very good at the subtleties of smells, but this composition seems to attract their attention on a subconscious level and make it appear that the owner of this scent is among other women. In winter, you will smell like a fresh, mild summer, and in the warm season in the gray urban jungle will become a magnet for the natural oasis.

Romance by Rasasi

A bit of loud romance from Rasasi in well-known aroma «Romance». 

This strong perfume will suit confident mature women 30 and older. Green and floral notes are highlighted by a mysterious combination of wood, musk, and amber. In the background of a light flower-berry solo, you can hear a deep accompaniment of more serious and mysterious flavors. The best romantic formula for a woman with deep inner peace. On cold skin, «Romantica» will smell easy, and on hot, sweet shades will increase noticeably and become more expressive.

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Taariikh Oil by Syed Junaid Alam

The strict and intriguing vanilla pink composition will inevitably make you the focus of men’s attention. 

The seriousness and maturity of these perfumes give a musky basis, and the sweetness of vanilla is by no means succulent. The light flavor of vanilla is closer to the sweet flavor, highlighted by a small mound. On the cold skin, you can feel the smell of gardenia well, in combination with vanilla and musk you get a large composition perfectly suitable for a confident woman. Being constantly in the cloud of this sunny perfume, you will radiate happiness and positivity, and no one will think that you can be in a bad mood.

Hadarah by Syed Junaid Alam

An exceptionally harmonious combination of vanilla and roses, creating a completely different sweet composition. 

You’ll never feel the sweetness here because the ingredients are chosen in a very precise soft ratio. The musk is also completely not flashy, it creates a light but the confident background for this pleasant composition. Despite this, seemingly classic for Arabic spirits combination of notes, «Hadarah» became the embodiment of a unique aroma. It is perfect for hot summers, as it is this time of year that allows maximizing the depth of this perfume.

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Arba Wardat by Rasasi

If you happen to find this scent in a perfume store, make sure you give it some time after the sample. 

The first impression may not be quite correct, since at first «Arba Vardat» seems too cold and strict. But after a few minutes, you will feel a composition that leaves the impression of unobtrusive elegant nobility. The perfume is perfectly suitable for daily use, it is almost impossible to bore, it is very difficult to eat. The endurance of the flavor and the intriguing plume will collect for you many compliments even from the most silent men.

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