In a Nutshell: Dubai Behavioral Rules

11:47 am  |  25.06.2023

As a tourist, you should definitely stick to the Dubai behavior rules so you do not find it unpleasant there. Which ones are to be described exactly here.

These are the Dubai Behavioral Rules that You Should Consider

If you are vacationing in a foreign country then you should first inquire exactly what you can do there and what is prohibited. We are always advisable to inform you exactly about the Dubai behavior rules so that you do not get any problems on-site. Already out of respect you should always stick to it. You certainly know the saying “other countries, other customs” and that in the United Arab Emirates is, of course, the same way.

How to Communicate with Locals

Residents of Dubai

As a rule, as a tourist, little contact with locals and predominantly with guest workers. But still, it may be that you come into a conversation and you should pay attention to it a lot. Because there are very special Dubai behavioral rules that may be quite normal for western people. One should always address his opposite with “Salam Alaikum”. Furthermore, one should choose the form “Mister” in a man or “Misses” with a woman. In no case should one use the same “you” and that will not be seen there at all? Then you should not give the hand right away and prefer to wait until the other person makes it. A welcome among locals is always done by a kiss on the cheek and with a hug.

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Very important is always the right clothing to wear in the Dubai holiday. For this, you should once look at our contribution to clothing in Dubai. Many tourists always get there very quickly in a fat susceptible there because these think in the hot temperatures that you can run around “upper body free”. That will not be seen there and you should definitely avoid this. Especially women should show as little skin as possible. That’s why it’s practical on the beach or pool if you wear a swimsuit and no bikini. Furthermore, you should know that nudist is banned there and you have to expect a penalty if you do this. For men, it is so that you should not wear “shoulder-free shirts”. A normal T-shirt and short pants are sufficient there. In many hotels, there is also a dress code you have to comply with.


Under no circumstances can you drink in the public in Dubai alcohol. You can not buy it in any supermarket and only for example on arrival at Dubai International Airport in the Duty-Free area. Then you should like to drink this in the hotel room. You also have the opportunity that you get in the bars from the hotels. But this is usually very expensive. It is also not possible that you just buy a pack of cigarettes on site. This is only possible in special areas. You can also buy pole cigarettes at the airport. But basically, it does not like to be seen when smoking in public there. The rules have been loosened and one looks again and again at people, for example, before a shopping mall who then smoking. The cigarette stub must then definitely be in the ashtray.

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What Do You Have to Pay Attention to the Photographing?

Taking Photos

When photographing, some Dubai behavioral rules apply which you definitely take into account. That means you can not just take pictures there anything in front of the “lens”. Of course, there are many beautiful photo motives there and you always want to get started immediately. It is not a problem that photograph well-known sights such as the Burj Khalifa or the Burj Al Arab Hotel. Many tourists always like to make memorial photos there. This is possible without any problems. But if you make a city tour through Dubai then you may get past the palaces of the sheikh. It is forbidden that this is photographed. If you get caught there it may be that the photo or the camera is even removed. Furthermore, you should not make any photos of locals without having asked them before. You should ask them before whether they agree.

Special Dubai Behavioral Rules For Couples

Of course, there are many freshly lovely couples who want to spend a holiday in Dubai. There you should definitely avoid the exchange of caresses in public. Especially if you are not married yet, there are very strict rules. Normally it is not allowed that you even share a hotel room. But at tourists, there is an exception and in recent years this has been loosened. As soon as you are in public, kisses or holding hands are banned. You have to comply with that in any case and in case of non-observance you have to expect a punishment. We always recommend keeping tourists to the regulations so you get no problems.

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Spit, Chewing Gum, and Waste

In many European cities, this is happy to be in a pedestrian area, and in Dubai, this is prohibited. Furthermore, you can not easily spit chewing gum on the street. There, the Dubai behavior rules are also very strict and you have to calculate with a fine when you get caught there. If you have waste then you have to throw it into a trash can. Because the emirate is a very clean city and it is cleaned everywhere. Of course, you do not want to have it that a tourist simply disposed of his waste on the street.

Import of Medicines

Especially with the import of medicines very strict Dubai, behavioral rules apply. Again, you should look at our contribution to the Dubai medication. There were already many incidents with tourists who were even arrested. There is a list of drugs that may be introduced and which are not. As a rule, however, it is always about strong painkillers. But on the list, for example, cough juice has a special ingredient. So there is a lot to note and we recommend that you have a certificate issued by the family doctor.

Women Clothes

In public, women do not have to wear a veil and that only applies to locals. Here it is then advisable to wear adequate clothes. But if you visit a Mosche, for example, such as the Sheikh Zayed Mosque then this is necessary. The women then get a veil provided for free for the visit for free.

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