If a Credit Card is Needed in Dubai: All the Necessary Information

12:39 pm  |  01.10.2021
If a Credit Card is needed in Dubai

On a trip to Dubai, a credit card is definitely needed. Where to do this everywhere we will explain exactly here. If you have no then it can come to problems at check-in at the hotel.

A Credit Card is Needed in Dubai

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Normally, no credit card is needed with a package tour, such as the Canary Islands or to the Turkish Riviera. You show the voucher (voucher) in the hotel there and then the holiday can start. Now you ask yourself if you need a credit card for a Dubai trip. The answer is definitely “yes” and you will need it, for example, in the hotel or when taking a rental car. But there are still many tourists who have been badly prepared on a journey and then get problems on-site in the hotel. So this does not happen we will explain once where you need this and where not.

Check-in in the Hotel

The first contact where you need the credit card in Dubai is certainly in the hotel. You usually have to deposit there always deposit a deposit and the simplest thing is if you then use the credit card. That means there is a certain amount blocked on the map and that can be 5,000 dirhams. However, this is always dependent on which category you have booked. If you stay in a five-star luxury hotel then you have to pay more than in a three-star tourist hotel. However, the employee in the hotel shares the amount beforehand with which he will then burden on the map.

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You have to know that this is for security for the hotel. It can be that you cause any damage in the hotel room and these always have high-quality equipment. Thus, then the hotel can deduct the amount there in case of damage. When check out, the amount is then deleted again if you have no damage. So there is always a bigger sum to the hotel guests and that you should know. To pay the amount in cash is usually not accepted so much.

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Acquisition of a Rental Car

There are also many tourists who rent a rental car in the Dubai vacation. As a rule, you show the voucher (voucher) for the car there. However, the rental car companies in Dubai always require a deposit. Furthermore, this is always dependent on which category you have booked there. If you have booked there a limousine then you have to pay more what you can imagine. The employee will then also charge a certain amount on the credit card. In the Emirate of Dubai, however, there are also chargeable roads everywhere to pay a toll. Thus, the credit card is very useful there and these fees will then be simply deducted from the rental car company. Normally no cash is accepted there and everything is only running via the map. So you should definitely have an available if you want to rent a car.

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Paying with a Credit Card in a Store

Of course, it is also possible to pay with a credit card in a shop in Dubai. That is not a problem at all and it is usually offered everywhere there. However, you should know that you always pay the amount in the currency dirham on site. Usually, the credit card company still charges an amount for this and then adds the exchange rate. But there you will certainly not get a good exchange rate and therefore there will always be additional fees. You will only notice that when you receive the statement from the credit card company at the end of the month. We always recommend paying for everything in cash in the currency dirham. Then you don’t have any problems with the exchange rate or fees.

Withdraw Money with a Credit Card from the Machine

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Of course, you will also need cash on-site in Dubai and that in the currency dirham. It is also possible to get this there with a credit card. This is done quickly and is also very practical. But there you also have the same problem with the fees. You always have to know that these can be very high and then you will probably get annoyed when you get home. We only recommend using this option if you urgently need cash. Otherwise, always prefer to use the classic route in an exchange office. For many, this is certainly old-fashioned, but it is still the best and cheapest way to save money. If the exchange rate is good on-site then it will definitely be worth it. You can watch it all the time and if it is good you should have money exchanged.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Credit Card

There are of course many advantages to using a credit card. You always have it with you and can immediately pay for anything you want. It’s very convenient and you don’t have to worry about it. However, the disadvantage is always the fees that are incurred when you are abroad. Then the credit card company would like to earn something from it and sometimes the fees that arise there are very high. So there are still a few euros in addition if you have bought something and you should always take that into account.

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Is it Safe to Pay with a Credit Card in Dubai?

Basically, there is no need to worry about security there. But like everywhere else in the world, you should always be particularly careful when you are in a foreign country. If you discover problems with your credit card, you should have it blocked as soon as possible so that no more payments are made there. This is usually possible anywhere in the world and you have to call a certain number. But as already mentioned, we recommend paying with cash and there you won’t have any problems with security.

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