How to Dress in the UAE: Tips for Tourists

7:35 pm  |  05.07.2021
How to dress in the UAE

Tourists often choose the place of recreation by the United Arab Emirates, but sometimes absolutely not interested in local customs and rules. But this eastern country is very religious and strict with those who do not comply with public norms of behavior and dress code.

How to Dress: Women

The Arab Emirates is a Muslim country, and for women, it is customary to choose closed clothes. In some more conservative emirates, the beautiful half of the population covers the whole body, including the face and brush of the hands. But in big cities, it is not required. Enough to cover your head, legs, and hands.

If we talk about the Europeans coming to rest in the UAE, they do not need to comply with such a strict dress code. On-site, you can walk in anything, even in short tops and shorts. This is considered a tourist area, and it is not necessary to live according to the laws of Sharia. However, if a woman is going to the city or to a restaurant, she will have to comply with public rules.

Being on the streets of the Emirates, it is not customary to walk in the lored, mesh clothing. This causes excessive negative attention from the side of the Arabs, which can lead to trouble and conflict. In addition, walking in open clothing is unsafe for health. The sun in the country is so burning that there is a chance to get strong burns or a thermal blow.

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Choose clothes followed from natural fabrics, in the synthetics to carry the heat is unbearable. A woman’s toilet should not consist of short shorts, mini skirts, topics opening the stomach. Sweatshirts should not slander shoulders and have a deep cutout on the chest. 

How to Dress: Men

With a male wardrobe, everything is much easier. Men can wear jerseys and shorts, but not higher than the knee level. 

Choosing a T-shirt with the inscription, a person must know exactly what is written there. For ignorance, it is possible to get into trouble if Muslims will find it insulting.

The clothes of a young man should not be tight, narrow cycling shorts to wear only if the tourist rides a bike.

Arab men’s dress can only wear a Muslim. Do not try to impress or go away “for your”, putting the traditional Arabic outfit.

Restaurant Dress Code

In a luxury restaurant, adherence to the dress code is a prerequisite condition. Failure to comply with the rules of the establishment threatens the fact that the tourist is just not let down there.

Men recommend wearing a shirt with long sleeves and strict pants. Shoes must close the leg completely. Coming in sandals or beach shoes is unacceptable.

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Women should choose an elegant outfit. More The women’s toilet is not described. But, given the public standards throughout the country, the clothes should not be too frank. Evening dress should not have cutouts on the chest or on the back. There are no restrictions on women’s shoes.

Visiting the Mosque

Tourists who are not related to the Islamic religion may freely come only to 2 mosques. This is the Sheikh Zaid Mosque in Abu Dhabi and Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai. The dress code is required here for both sexes. Men should be in long pants and in a shirt with closed sleeves, and women in a long skirt, either dress, with closed hands and covered head so that the hair does not protrude from the handkerchief.


Women should not leave the chest on the beach. It is better to wear a closed swimsuit, so as not to attract the attention of the visitors of the Hindus and Pakistanis. In the swimsuit can only walk on the beach, go beyond its limits in this form is prohibited. The hotels often walked ads for admissible clothing for the city, the beach, or restaurants.

Rules of Behavior in Public Places

Public order in the Emirates concerns not only appearance but also behavior. For incorrect or careless actions, you can get a major penalty or be arrested.

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Muslims – people are very religious, 5 times a day, prayer is performed on the streets of cities, the so-called Namaz. This can happen in any public place. If the tourist witnesses this event, it is not necessary to immediately include the camera and take into open public prayer to Allah. For such unceremonious actions of the tourist can attract the police.

  • On the holiday of Ramadan Muslims, it is forbidden to drink and eat food before sunset within a month. In this regard, restaurants and cafes can be closed at this time. Only in hotels can be eaten in a public place. It is not worth the Muslim post openly eating food and drinks, it can be perceived as disrespect.
  • In public places, it is unacceptable to show their feelings to people. It is impossible to hug in public, kiss, go for the handles with a friend, or sit on someone on the knees. At least it will cause rapid public censure.
  • A foreign man on the street can only contact another man and never a Muslim woman. For this, you can be arrested.
  • Photographing private houses for high fences, strategic buildings, mosques, or women is prohibited by law.
  • If a person is on a drunk street, at the same time mutually swears, the police can arrest him and even deport him from the country.
  • A tourist or a local resident who has fallen in the use of a branch speech or an insult of another Arab can be imprisoned for 7 years.
  • You can not litter in the city. For a pushed paper or a bottle past the urn, the tourist will receive a fine or will spend 3 days in prison.
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