How High is the Humidity in Dubai: The Emirate of Dubai Has a Very High Humidity

2:13 pm  |  26.11.2021
Humidity in Dubai

Due to the location directly on the sea, the humidity in Dubai is very high all year round. But in the summer months, this is significantly higher and you sweat very quickly.

Information on Dubai humidity

Burj al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel

If you choose Dubai as a travel destination, you can always look forward to warm temperatures. That is certainly one of the reasons why people like to vacation there. The only difference is always how warm it is there. As a tourist, you can always expect sunshine there and that’s why more and more people are vacationing there. The emirate can be reached in just six hours by plane.

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But the temperatures are very high in the summer months with well over 40 degrees. Then there is the high humidity. It is then too warm for many and therefore the best time to travel to Dubai in the winter months from November to April. There you can expect temperatures between 25 to 30 degrees. Furthermore, this is perfect to soak up the sun again or to visit the sights.

Average Humidity in Dubai

You have to reckon with an average humidity of 50 percent in Dubai. As already mentioned, there are months when this is higher or lower. Therefore, you should always find out exactly how it is before going on a trip. There are always many tourists who are poorly prepared for the travel destination. Then they are surprised on-site because the temperatures are too high or you always have to sweat. That is why we always recommend thorough planning so that you do not experience any surprises there.

When is the Humidity Particularly High?

As already mentioned, the summer months are the hottest travel time for the emirate of Dubai. This is from May to October where you can watch the temperature values ​​rise every month. The peak is always from July to August. Daytime temperatures of up to 50 degrees can easily occur there. Furthermore, you have to know that these are always measured in the shade. If you are in the sun then it can be 60 to 70 degrees warm. For many, this is simply too warm. It is then more difficult to breathe and if you have asthma you should avoid this travel time and opt for the winter months. The humidity there is no longer that high and you don’t have to sweat anymore. In the months of summer, this can be 70 to 80 percent.

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On vacation in Dubai, you should always pay attention to the right clothes. Because there the climate is the warmest in the whole world. That’s why you should always pack the right one in your suitcase. If you are still wrongly dressed then you have to sweat very quickly. This is especially true in the summer months. After just a few minutes outdoors in direct sunlight, you can sweat very quickly without having to do anything. That means if you just sit on a park bench you start to sweat after a short time if you also wear shorts and a T-shirt. You then notice very quickly that it is getting too hot and then you look for the shade. In principle, this can be compared to a sauna. Only that you are then in the open air.

Beware of Colds

An important tip is always that many tourists, especially from Europe, underestimate the humidity. That means they wear a cotton T-shirt, for example. After a few meters in the open air, this sweat very quickly. Then you always have the problem that it doesn’t dry very quickly. Many still go to an air-conditioned shopping mall or hotel. So you can catch a cold there very quickly. As a western tourist, you are not used to such air conditioning. The temperature difference is very large where it is around 40 degrees outside and only 20 degrees in the shopping center.

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Where Can You Stand the Humidity

Now you probably ask yourself how you can still vacation in Dubai in the hot summer months because of the humidity. The answer is very simple and you are always on the beach during the day. There is always a light breeze from the sea and then it is very pleasant. Then you don’t have to sweat anymore and can sometimes cool off in the sea. However, the water temperatures there are also around 30 degrees. Many then also perceive this to be rather warm. Many tourists always have different opinions.

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