Doctor Visit in Dubai: You Do Not Have To Be Afraid

7:54 pm  |  18.12.2022
Doctor Visit in Dubai

Here you get useful information like a doctor’s visit in Dubai. As a tourist, you have to pay attention to a lot. The Emirate has a very well-developed health system.

Information about a Doctor’s Visit to Dubai

Also in the Dubai holidays suddenly pain or diseases can occur which then must be treated by a doctor. Before that, nobody is protected and here we inform tourists how to behave at a doctor’s visit to Dubai.

Foreign Doctors

For example, if you have a toothache then you need quick help. Many vacationers are usually fear as they can not speak the language Arabic. But there you do not need to be afraid there because there are many English-speaking doctors in Dubai. That says doctors who have emigrated to Dubai and opened a practice there. Furthermore, it may also be that it was an Arabic doctor who was in western countries for a few years. Especially in health, it is very important so you can express yourself correctly where you have health problems.

You Have to Make an Appointment There

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As a rule, one must always make an appointment in advance at a doctor’s visit to Dubai. It’s not like in Europe that one simply comes into practice for example in a family doctor. This is usually not possible there. So you have to call there before and ask when the next free date is. Only then can you come by. If it is of course very urgent then you should mention this right on the phone so you can usually come by.

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How Are the Doctor’s Practices Equipped There?

As already mentioned, the United Arab Emirates has a very good health system. The practices are very modern and you will also find the latest technical equipment there. So you do not need to be afraid of a doctor’s visit to Dubai. Furthermore, one is always treated as a tourist as a private patient.

Payment Before Treatment

Of course, it is very important to be informed about the payment before treatment. As a rule, one is addressed immediately by the employees. Since one is a tourist you have to pay the treatment immediately in cash. There can be several hundred euros together. So you should adjust to it right now and also the necessary cash. It can certainly be that payment by credit card is possible.

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International Health Insurance is Necessary


We always recommend taking out foreign health insurance before a trip to Dubai. One is then always there on the safe side and does not have to worry about the payment. That means you have to pay the money in advance with a doctor’s visit to Dubai. But if you are back home then you get the amount reimbursed. If you do not have insurance then you stay at the cost. Thus, the holiday in Dubai can be significantly more expensive than planned.

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Of course, there are also pharmacies in Dubai. It can certainly be that you get advanced by the doctor medication you need to take. There this is immediately regulated as the doctor’s visit to Dubai. That means you have to pay them immediately in cash. In any case, you always have to take the bill so you will then be reimbursed at home at the health insurance. So you do not need to worry and you canceled very well there.

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