Honeymoon in Dubai: The Happiest Time in Your Life

5:43 pm  |  13.07.2021
Honeymoon in Dubai

The tallest building in the world, the largest shopping center, the largest indoor snow park, the most luxurious hotels – Dubai knows its way around superlatives. And so the honeymoon in the desert state is faster, more beautiful, and more exciting than anywhere else. So let’s go! You can be there in six hours of flight.

The Desert Metropolis of Dubai

Even when approaching Dubai, honeymooners will be amazed. The emirate is keeping the whole world in suspense with spectacular construction projects and is constantly chasing new records. The showpiece is the capital of the same name, whose glittering skyline appears almost unreal in front of the endless sand masses of the desert. The metropolis on the Persian Gulf is the beating heart of the country, a cosmopolitan and multicultural center with 120 different nations.

The city is not stingy with architectural marvels and honeymooners will run hot in Dubai because there is so much to see. The panorama of the skyscrapers towers above the Burj Khalifa, which measures an impressive 828 m from base to top and is, therefore, the tallest building in the world. 

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A viewing platform has been set up at almost half a kilometer, from which honeymooners can look out over Dubai for miles. In front of the skyscraper, visitors are greeted by grandiose water features that are modeled on the famous Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas.

Culture & Sights

It is an impressive story from the beginnings of Dubai to the oil boom that honeymooners can experience in the Dubai Museum near the old town. The Diving Village takes you even further back in time. 

The “pearl village” is a picture of the former settlement from which Dubai emerged, and gives an interesting insight into pearl fishing. In the Arab museum village Heritage Village, however, honeymooners get to know the hard life of the Bedouins in the desert. A stroll through the reconstructed stone houses, “wind towers” ​​and bazaars gives you an idea of ​​what a modern wonder Dubai actually is.

Despite the rapid pursuit of progress, the emirate has realized that its history and traditions are a great asset to preserve. That is why the Bur Dubai spice market and the historic trading district of Bastakiya have not disappeared, but have been extensively restored. In the midst of the uncompromising modernity of Dubai, honeymooners stroll through a mystical, oriental atmosphere like from 1001 nights. You can certainly get hold of one or two souvenirs here. Don’t miss the ruler’s palace and the breathtaking Jumeirah Mosque.


Those who want to spend their honeymoon days with extensive shopping areas in their personal shopping paradise in Dubai. In the depths of the gigantic shopping malls, newly married couples and shopaholics will find everything their heart desires: stylish luxury boutiques, VIP lounges, excellent restaurants, cinemas, even small amusement parks. One of the largest and most expensive shopping centers in the world is the Dubai Mall, where honeymooners can browse through numerous designer shops. With numerous attractions such as an aquarium, an artificial ice rink, and an artistic fountain, you can quickly forget the time. A sweater is advisable: air conditioning systems cool the halls to European autumn levels.

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The honeymoon in Dubai is a pleasure on every corner. Numerous theme parks promise newlyweds spectacular shows, roller coasters, and other rides eventful hours. 

The Aquapark attached to the luxury hotel Atlantis is particularly popular, where bathing fun is capitalized and you can go swimming with dolphins. Or how about skiing or snowboarding? Dubai wouldn’t be Dubai if it weren’t for both winter sports in the desert. In the ski hill in the Mall of the Emirates, honeymooners ski 400 m long slopes through the snow.


And if you haven’t had enough, you can dive into the endless nightlife. You can’t avoid lavish party nights when planning your honeymoon in Dubai. 

As soon as the sun goes down and the night comes, the lights of the beach parties, outdoor bars, VIP clubs, stylish lounges, and discos come on again. It never gets dark in the desert metropolis.


It is all the more important for honeymooners to treat themselves to quiet moments in Dubai from time to time. Relaxed sunbathing takes on a whole new meaning on the soft beaches of Jumeirah Beach Park. The dream beaches on the artificially raised Palm Islands, which from the air suggest the shape of a palm tree, are more exclusive.

A desert safari also promises a comfortable break from the lively life in the megacity. The guided tours take newly married couples into a fascinating, almost silent world. If possible, honeymooners shouldn’t refuse an overnight stay in a tent. A crackling campfire and the sublime splendor of the stars – Dubai couldn’t be more romantic in the Honeymoons.

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The ideal time for a honeymoon in Dubai is from November to April. While it is frosty cold and rainy here, it stays pleasantly warm in the emirate with an average of 28 ° C. In summer, however, it is not uncommon for temperatures to climb well over 40 ° C. Before planning their honeymoon, newlyweds should definitely find out about the fasting month of Ramadan: Out of respect for the faithful, tourists are not allowed to eat, drink and smoke in public during this time. Since Ramadan is determined according to the Islamic lunar calendar, it falls on a different month every year.

In Dubai, honeymooners experience a contrasting mixture of western modernity and oriental traditions – spiced with amusement parks, wonderful beaches, and huge shopping malls.

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