History: Creation of the United Arab Emirates since Ancient Times

12:02 am  |  14.08.2024

The UAE became a federal state in 1971 with six emirates and a seventh joining a year later. The history of the UAE is characterized by rapid development; there is no other country in the world that has formed and developed into such a state in such a short time.

It is surprising that just fifty years ago, on the site of this modern state, there was a desert. Indeed, today the Emirates is the embodiment of luxury and wealth.

The Past of the United Arab Emirates

Scientists have found many interesting finds that help to understand who used to live on the site of the United Arab Emirates.

One of the most amazing finds is that made by German scientists during excavations in the northeast of the country. German scientists have discovered several stone tools in the area of the Emirate of Sharjah. These finds are estimated to be approximately one hundred and thirty thousand years old. They were owned by Homo Sapiens.

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Most likely, they moved to this area using the Bab el-Mandeb Strait. Professionals attribute these findings to the Middle Paleolithic. In addition, other finds were discovered that were used during the Neolithic, Iron, and Bronze Ages. These artifacts allowed us to take a different look at the migration of peoples.

Interesting fact! Previously, it was assumed that the first migration occurred about 40 thousand years ago by people from Asia, but now it has been discovered that the migration happened at least 130 thousand years ago.

And now we will plunge into the even more distant past of the United Arab Emirates. Scientists have proven that in the distant fifth century, the coast of the Persian Gulf was occupied by tribes whose homeland is Northern Arabia and the Syrian Desert. It turns out that cattle breeders already lived on the coast of the Persian Gulf in the 5th century BC

The homeland of the Magan civilization is Iran and Pakistan. Back in the third millennium BC, it included the United Arab Emirates. Unfortunately, it has not been studied by scientists, but it is known that representatives sold copper.

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In the 1st to 11th centuries BC, a Semitic tribe inhabited the land that is now the UAE and later became part of the ancient Arab people.

Oil in the United Arab Emirates

Oil has had a huge impact on the history of the United Arab Emirates. In the 1950s, oil was discovered on the site in the UAE. This discovery greatly surprised everyone, because no one even imagined the existence of oil in these parts, but it turned out to be quite a lot. This amount of oil would allow us to live comfortably for a long time.

At that time, the League of Arab States was actively fighting for the right of independence. Under intense pressure, the British retreated.

Fact! The United Arab Emirates gained independence from Britain in 1971.

Such a stunning growth of the country in the shortest possible time was influenced by the rise in the cost of oil and, accordingly, the growth of the UAE economy. Thus, the UAE was considered a country with one of the highest standards of living for its population.

The sale of “black gold” brought the United Arab Emirates about $150 million a day! It is worth noting that the UAE government spent this money very wisely. First of all, the government focused its efforts on the quality of people’s lives. Mass construction of houses, hospitals, and schools began, and large imports of food began. A large amount of money was spent on water desalination, or rather on plants with this specialization. Today, the UAE is in second place in the production of desalinated water.

United Arab Emirates in the Modern World

At this moment, the population of this state consists of millionaires and wealthy people. The state itself will not allow a resident of the United Arab Emirates to become poor, because it offers a huge number of benefits to its citizens. For example, the newlyweds receive about one hundred thousand dollars for a wedding; at birth, a child receives his own plot of land and about twenty thousand dollars. These are just a few examples, but from them, you can clearly understand that the government really cares about its residents.

The United Arab Emirates has successfully demonstrated itself on the world stage. And not only financially, but also militarily. It was the last point that helped protect against attacks by other states. Early in its history, the UAE suffered from Iran precisely because of its military weakness. At that time, Iran took several islands from the United Arab Emirates, which were never returned.

A wise decision by the UAE government was to differentiate the economy so as not to become dependent on oil. The government also decided to invest money in various projects.

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The UAE invests a lot of money in the construction and tourism sectors. In addition, the agricultural and trade sectors are developing.

The government of the United Arab Emirates managed to achieve its goal and reduce its dependence on oil revenues. Now they are about eighteen percent.

The United Arab Emirates today is one of the most developed countries. It is very difficult to believe that just recently, in place of tall, incredibly beautiful buildings, huge green parks, and other entertainment, there was nothing but desert.

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