High-rise Buildings, Waterfall, Neon Garden, and 8 Places for the Best Selfies in Dubai

5:51 pm  |  20.06.2021
High-rise Buildings, Waterfall, Neon Garden and 8 Places for the Best Selfies in Dubai

Dubai is changing in stark contrast: every year, a technological oasis on the Persian Gulf opens up new beautiful areas and attractions, impressive in size and expensive.

“Wings” in the Burj Khalifa

You’re not gonna get past the highest tower in the world. But to distinguish yourself from anyone who takes a selfie against it, go inside and go up to the 124th or 125th floor. 

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Here, a few pairs of painted wings appeared on the giant windows not so long ago – the express transformation into an angel was invented by the artist Colette Miller. In this place, it is better to make not selfies – «float» above the city in full growth, so ask other visitors to take photos of you. Advice to those who do not take such photos seriously: Include irony and imprint any «angel» on the palm of your hand. Friends are more likely to be in love with your vacation photos if they make you smile.

Waterfall «Pearl Divers»

Dubai Mall has many interesting objects for selfies, but the fountain waterfall, the card of the biggest mall in the world, impress both the view and the hidden history. 

Until oil was found in the United Arab Emirates, pearl mining and trade were the sources of income in Dubai. Men’s figures, «flying» down in the background of the cascade of water, are reminiscent of young men who, in order to earn money day by day, dived without any special devices. Streams of water descend from the fourth floor of the mall and sparkle from the natural sunlight that fills the building.

Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame is united by a gallery, and the peaks by a glass bridge at an altitude of 150 meters. Thus, the complex of buildings forms a frame into which spectacular urban views fit, depending on the point of view. 

The special floor covering of the bridge responds to the steps: in the place where the person is standing, the dark glass floor becomes transparent, allowing the viewer literally to observe and photograph the city beneath his feet. For those who are not ready for such a dizzy adventure, a parallel concrete path goes on. A selfie should be taken at the top and bottom, against the background of the frame, at an hour when its gilded edges in turn flare-up in the rays of the rising sun.

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In a Big Balloon

Having visited the best observation grounds of Dubai, go even higher – on the Amigos Balloons balloon. 

Imagine, in the pre-dawn hours, your balloon is going up to a height of 1200 meters, swept by a cool breeze, you’re swimming slowly over the desert, the landscape is coloring the first rays of the rising sun. After the selfie, observe the movement of caramel sand waves below.

Dubai Canal

The man-made water artery was carried through the city center in just three years – it connects the Arabian Gulf through Dubai Creek in the Old City with the new business district of Business Bay. 

Bridges across the canal compete with each other in photogenicity. The steep arc of the Tolerance Suspension Bridge glows at night with neon blue, and the Jumeir Bridge, twisted like a DNA spiral, is better photographed from the inside: it resembles a labyrinth. When walking along the promenade, do not pass an artificial waterfall under one of the overpasses through the canal. When a vessel approaches the bridge, the built-in sensors react and the water flow shuts down. Of course, at night, the waterfall illuminates very brightly.

Dubai Garden Glow

You don’t have to be a little kid to let your eyes scatter at the sight of the huge glowing Garden Glow decorations in Zabeel Park. 

Neon plants and animal figures from illustrations of oriental fairy tales, fluttering with all colors of rainbow park ice sculptures, dinosaurs – selfies will have to be made at every step. To describe this color abundance is an ungrateful occupation, better look at photos on the official website of Garden Glow. By the way, its themes change every year, so even after seeing the pictures, by the time you arrive in Dubai, you will find new installations in the garden.

Dubai Marina

Excellent street photos should go to Dubai Marina because here there is everything that most people associate with the Dubai lifestyle: palm trees, skyscrapers, and coves with many white yachts of different sizes. And by the way, very moderate car traffic! 

All the heights are mostly residential, so the urban rhythm here is measured. In this area, you can find the best view of another symbol of Dubai – the bizarre embankment island Palm Jumeirah, on which are located some of the most famous and luxurious hotels. A selfie against the island’s background is best made on the minimalist terrace of the Pure Sky Lounge restaurant.

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La Mer

The blue sea, soft cream sand, and relaxed atmosphere – for this love «young» La Mer. 

The decoration of cafés and entertainment zones have adhered to natural flowers and materials, that is why it is so easy to merge with nature and relax from the sight of skyscrapers. Here, as in the case of the «winged» photo in Burj-Khalifa, it is better to ask someone to take a photo of you, for example, when you overturn a wooden barrel of water – such as hanging in a place of street showers. The ability to laugh at yourself, as has already been said, is the main secret of ideal holiday photos.

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