Heritage Village: Open History

3:06 pm  |  14.07.2023
Heritage Village

For tourists, the Heritage Village in the district of Al Shindagha is very worth seeing because you can experience the tradition, construction, and history of Dubai. It is a museum village built in 1997 by the government of Dubai. The village has been built as an Arab settlement with stone houses from the mountain and desert regions, Bedouinelten. The traditional wind tower houses must not be missing in Dubai. 

There are also some market stalls, spice shops, and much more. So you can see how people used to live in Dubai. The Heritage Village is exactly the right address in Dubai if you want to buy a traditional Arab souvenir. Also, the residents of Dubai visit the Heritage Village very much as there are regular events with Arab music and folk dances.

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Heritage Village

The Perlendorf Diving Village reminds me of the former time when Dubai was a stronghold in pearl fishing. There are traditional souks and photo exhibitions there. The highlight is a large pool where the dampings of the pearlfish are demonstrated. This should not miss Dubai tourists. The opening hours of Heritage Village are from Saturday to Thursday from 08:00 to 22:00 and on Friday from 16:00 to 22:00. Our tip is to the Heritage Village to visit in the evenings because you have a beautiful view of the skyline of Dubai from there. The skyscrapers light up in different colors and the Heritage Village in a light yellow tone.

Tourist Attraction

The Heritage Village Dubai was built in 1997 in the historic district of Al Shindagha. The reason for the construction was to show the traditional way of life in Emirate Dubai. This includes traditional customs, traditions, occupations, and local craftsmanship. Heritage Village Dubai is considered an attraction for tourists who have an interest in the locals and traditional life. Visitors receive the possibility to inform themselves about the different directions of the traditional way of life, which document life in the desert, in the coastal sections, and the mountains.

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Visitors will witnesses how the different occupations have been exercised on site. And which classic tools in agriculture and irrigation are used. When visiting the Heritage Village Dubai visitors also have a medical clinic during the tourist season between October and March. To get treatment from doctors in traditional medicine. There, methods shown, such as u.a. bone settings and different treatments with herbs were taken over by the ancestors.

The village also reflects an atmosphere of classic markets in traditional occupations such as jewelry making, forging, cotton products, and the production of whistles is demonstrated. Numerous shops with traditional confectionery, ceramics, paints from Palm, dry milk, as well as different devices and tools from the previous period round off the tour.

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Performances such as FolkloreGesang, Ayyala, Razfa, El-Dan, and Harbeya are organized in particular during the tourist season between October and March. The Heritage Village in Dubai has a lot of shops specializing in offering traditional elements to visitors. A visit to the Heritage Village offers in particular in the season with its activities a unique opportunity to meet the many facets and details of life and to use the natural resources in their scarcity and rarity.

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