Helicopter Round Flight in Dubai: Soar in The Sky

1:48 pm  |  31.01.2022
Helicopter Round Flight in Dubai

A helicopter tour in Dubai is certainly one of the most spectacular trips you can do on vacation. You can book this online and the flight takes about 15 minutes to see the most famous sights of Dubai.

Information About Helicopter Tour in Dubai

You can do very lot in the metropolis of Dubai. Of course, there are also excursions and tours. Finally, you also want to see something from the city and not only to the beach. Of course, that would be a pity and you would have missed something. Very welcome is always booked by the tourists of helicopter tours in Dubai. Because from the bird’s eye view you can see the city from a completely different page. There you are then higher like the highest building in the world Burj Khalifa. Thus you need the observation platform at the top then no longer visiting because you are even higher there. The view from a helicopter is of course sensational and you can also make great photos.

How Long Does It Take?

Dubai helicopter round flight

There are flights that take 15 minutes or even 25 minutes. Of course, that always comes to what you want to see everything from the city. Of course, if the flight lasts longer then you have more time in the air and can also look at more. But then you have to spend a little more money than you can imagine. For the holidaymakers, it is always a special experience that you certainly do not make every day. We recommend not to save here.

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What Sights Do You See There?

So that you can enjoy a helicopter tour in Dubai of course, the sights, of course, are very important. During the flight, you can also see the highest building in the world Burj Khalifa. If you fly over there with the helicopter then you will be excited. Then you can see the artificially created island The Palm Jumeirah. There is also the Atlantis The Palm Hotel to recognize. Of course, you can also see the seven stars Hotel Burj Al Arab. So that you miss nothing during the flight you get the pilot useful information where you are currently located.

With this helicopter, there are 5 seats and you even have the opportunity to sit next to the pilot. Because there is the prospect of course even better. But the slices are all glass and for every passenger, there is a sensational view that you certainly will not forget so quickly.

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A helicopter tour over Dubai

Of course, you can also take pictures on a helicopter tour in Dubai. But these must not be too big and there are also regulations. Therefore, you should inquire about a flight if you can use it or not. As a rule, there are no problems there.

For a 15 minute flight, you have to expect 230 dollars. As already mentioned, however, five people have enough space in a helicopter. If you then share the price for the helicopter tour in Dubai then you come to around 45 dollars. That does not sound so much anymore and it’s a great experience. If you decide on a flight with 25 minutes then the price starts from 355 dollars. But there is also a flight that takes only 12 minutes. There you have to pay only 177 dollars. So the price is always dependent as long as the helicopter is in the air.

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Free Transfer 

Another highlight is certainly the free transfer from the hotel to the helicopter and back. You do not have to worry about anything there and you just need to get in. Of course, this is very convenient for tourists. As a rule, you have to be there 45 minutes before departure. Furthermore, you get their security instructions that you have to consider. There you also have the possibility to take a cool drink. Everything is wonderfully organized and you can enjoy the helicopter tour in Dubai.

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