Features of Women’s Health Care in Dubai: Service and Documents

11:55 pm  |  29.08.2023

Information on women’s health in Dubai: reproductive health services, cancer diagnosis and treatment, mental health. Health insurance, availability of services.

Women’s Health in Dubai

Dubai is an emirate with a highly developed healthcare system where both UAE citizens and expats can get qualified medical care. Special attention is paid to the mental and physical health of women: reproductive system, pregnancy and childbirth, cancer screening, and breast examinations. The UAE has a compulsory insurance system that can cover many medical services. The Government of the Emirates is actively implementing a women’s health strategy and working to ensure effective information support for the health system. This article describes the availability of health services for expatriate women in Dubai, how to diagnose and treat major women’s diseases, and the legality of certain procedures. 

Dubai Health Baseline Information

The UAE does not have a public health system for foreigners, so the employer is obliged to provide an insurance policy for expatriate women. If the woman is not employed, the husband lists her as a dependant in his health policy. All health centers have websites that make it easy to make appointments via the Internet.

According to the Law on Health Insurance 11 of 2013, every resident of the country must have an insurance policy that corresponds to or exceeds the minimum level established by DHA (Essential Benefits Plan, EBP). Since there is no specific category of insurance coverage for women in the Emirates, the list of covered services can be specified with its insurance company, among the main – IMG, Allianz Care, Cigna Global, and Swisscare.

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The Emirates health system is represented by private and public clinics that provide individual packages of services depending on the gender, age, and history of the patient.

Gynecological Services in Dubai

In the United Arab Emirates, gynecologists are more likely to be women because of Islamic traditions. You can make an appointment with a specialist both by phone and online, reporting the health insurance data.

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Pay attention to this! Using special mobile applications, the UAE can get certain medical services: make an appointment with a specialist, call a doctor at home, see the results of tests, register to become a blood donor, order vaccinations/boosters, etc.

Female Contraception

In the UAE, many contraceptives are freely available. Condoms and birth control pills are available in pharmacies, supermarkets, and gas stations. The products of the pharmaceutical companies Bayer, Pfizer, Janssen-Cilag, and Merck are popular. The cost of contraceptives does not exceed AED 30 (USD 8).

Care for Women Who Plan Pregnancy

This public service is available to women between the ages of 20 and 49 who plan to become pregnant (3-6 months before conception). It includes an assessment of the patient’s general physical condition, all necessary medical examinations, laboratory tests, biomarker measurements, and a comprehensive examination to avoid health risks.

Prenatal Care and Delivery

The Government’s prenatal care services include the following:

  • Collection of medical history and comprehensive medical examination;
  • Basic laboratory analyses;
  • Examination of the fetus at all stages of its development;
  • Health education and information on breastfeeding;
  • Nutrition counseling during pregnancy.

Expectant mothers up to the seventh month of pregnancy must have a personal file at the maternity hospital, for which the following documents will be required:

  • Passports, residency visas, and Emirates ID of both future parents;
  • Marriage certificate certified and translated from other languages into Arabic;
  • Insurance card;
  • Family book (for UAE citizens).

Childbirth in the UAE can only occur in specialized medical centers, popular in Europe home births are excluded. The procedure is paid for, its cost is influenced by the extent of coverage of prenatal and post-natal services provided by insurance, and the selected class of the package (economy, luxury, etc. ).

Menopause Therapy

The age of menopause varies globally from 44 to 55 years, with an average of about 51 years.  During menopause, UAE doctors recommend hormone replacement and vaginal estrogen application to women, which are taken under the supervision of a doctor. Such procedures are usually not covered by insurance. It is important to discuss with a specialist and related psychological problems that may occur due to menopause.

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Cancer Screening and Treatment

Dubai uses state-of-the-art oncology diagnostics and treatments. The clinics are equipped with high-tech equipment and professional medical staff. Oncological examinations may be insured and included in the annual gynecological examination. Regarding the frequency of undergoing diagnostic procedures should consult your doctor.

Women’s Mental Health Services in Dubai

With Hope UAE creating support groups, social networks even launched hashtag #mymindmatters, which aims to discuss and prevent situations related to workplace harassment, depression, and sexual abuse.

Dubai has several mental health centers, including the LightHouse Arabia Centre for Wellbeing and Camali Clinic: Child and Adult Mental Health in Dubai, where they provide counseling and sessions with psychologists and psychiatrists.

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