Half-Day Sightseeing Tour Through Dubai: Here You Can Book the Tour Through Dubai

7:27 pm  |  04.10.2021
Half-Day Sightseeing Tour Through Dubai:

Here you can book a half-day sightseeing tour through Dubai where you will be shown the most famous sights of the city in the shortest possible time.

About Dubai Half-Day Sightseeing Tour

When you are on vacation in Dubai you also want to see something of the city. Here you can take the half-day sightseeing tour through Dubai where you can visit the top attractions in the morning or afternoon. This is a great option for tourists who are vacationing in Dubai for the first time. You don’t have to worry about how you actually get to the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. So you just get on the air-conditioned bus there and the tour begins. Of course, you can also do all of this on your own. But you need a lot more time to prepare what you can imagine. Furthermore, this tour is also very cheap and you should rather invest the money there.

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Tour Languages

Dubai Creek

The half-day sightseeing tour through Dubai is offered in English. This means that tourists who can speak little or no English have the opportunity to take part there. Because if you can communicate in your native language, this is always an advantage. So you should book this and you will be amazed. But if you can speak English well, it is also possible to do the other tour. So you can then decide for yourself what you would like to do.

How Long Does This Tour Take Anyway?

The entrance to the Gold Souk Dubai

A very important question is of course how long the half-day sightseeing tour through Dubai actually lasts. This takes exactly 4 hours and 30 minutes and you get to see a lot of the city during this time. It is also possible to do a tour in the morning or in the afternoon. However, the morning tour only takes place on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Then, of course, you have to get up earlier in the hotel because it starts at 8:00 a.m. But you would definitely prefer to stay in the hotel for longer. So we would rather recommend the afternoon tour which takes place daily at 1:30 p.m. This is also a very popular time to use.

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What Sights Do You Get to See There?

Then you probably ask yourself which sights you will get to see on the half-day sightseeing tour of Dubai. First, you look at the historical part of Dubai where it all started. This is particularly interesting for tourists where you can still see the traditional buildings with the wind towers. A highlight there is certainly the visit to Al Bastakiya where you can also take great photos. Furthermore, the Jumeirah Mosque is always very interesting to look at. For example, you can cross the famous Dubai Creek with an abra.

Then you visit the popular Dubai Gold Souk and the Dubai Spice Souk where you can still feel the scent of the Orient. Then you also have a look at the new Dubai with, for example, the famous Burj al Arab Hotel. In any case, you can see a lot in a very short time that you probably couldn’t do yourself. Thus, this tour is particularly interesting for first-time visitors and afterward, you have already got a great impression of the city. After the tour, you can visit these attractions again yourself if you want to take a closer look at them. There is a tour guide on the bus there

Of course, there is also an experienced tour guide who can speak either German or English. This is, of course, a great advantage and you get numerous tips there that you would probably not find out otherwise. On a Hop On Hop Off tour, information is usually only available through headphones. The half-day sightseeing tour through Dubai is always recommended if you want to have live commentary in your native language. The tour guide is of course very familiar with the city and can therefore show you the best places that tourists like to visit.

You Can Also Buy Gold Jewelry During the Tour

You also have a short stop in Dubai’s famous Gold Souk. Women, in particular, are always interested in this because of course, you should buy gold jewelry there. You have to know that there is one of the largest markets for gold in the world. Furthermore, the prices there are very cheap and you don’t pay by appearance, but only by weight. You can also get the best quality gold there and we recommend checking it out there. Usually, you have enough time for a stroll and you can see the gold shops. But you shouldn’t rush to buy and maybe you should go there yourself again afterward by taxi. The dealers of course immediately see that you are a tourist and then you have to bargain down the price. But with a little skill, this is also possible for normal first-time visitors.

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Free Transfer from and to the Hotel is Included

One advantage of the half-day sightseeing tour through Dubai is that pick-up at the hotel is already included. That means you don’t have to go to a certain place where the bus leaves. You just wait in front of the hotel you booked until the bus arrives. Then you get on the air-conditioned bus and the tour can already begin. However, it can also be that other hotels are approached as you have to pick up other guests who have booked this tour. But that is also an advantage because you can still see many hotels through it.

A Ticket for the Dubai Museum is Already Available

A popular excursion destination is of course a visit to the Dubai Museum. In our opinion, it is the best museum in Dubai that you should definitely see. The half-day sightseeing tour through Dubai already includes the entrance fee, so you don’t have to do anything there.

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