Good to Know: Practical Tips for Dubai

7:59 pm  |  10.08.2021
Practical Tips for Dubai

Dubai is a fascinating travel destination. A hyper-modern boom metropolis meets oriental tradition and hospitality, plus there are great beaches, a huge selection of hotels and resorts, the best shops and restaurants. Hardly anyone who does not dream of a vacation in Dubai, but sometimes there are a few questions in the back of their minds.

Dubai is not Expensive

Dubai is often considered the epitome of luxury with chic restaurants and expensive hotels. But the metropolis on the Arabian Gulf has much more to offer than its high-class 5-star locations. The hotel industry is particularly diverse, there is a large selection of houses in the 1 to 3-star segment as well as simple guesthouses and even a youth hostel. Dubai offers the right accommodation for every budget.

The same applies to food and activities, there are cheap and less cheap options in all areas. A number of facilities can be used free of charge or inexpensively, the palette ranges from public beaches to green oases such as Safa Park, Dubai’s largest garden.

How to Get Around in Dubai

Getting around in Dubai is very easy. 

Rental cars are a popular means of transport because petrol is cheap in the region and the road network is well developed. However, parking spaces are rare. Since all cars are equipped with a taximeter, the prices charged are always fair and correct, and there are plenty of cars available around the clock.

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In addition, Dubai has a convenient and inexpensive means of transport with the metro, which runs fully automatically as a Skytrain and is mostly above ground. Cars and stops are fully air-conditioned and offer WiFi, and you can also change directly to the Dubai Tram, which mainly runs in the beautiful Dubai Marina district.

In addition to public buses that cover other areas of the city, there are also two providers of hop-on / hop-off tours. These tours give the visitor a good overview of the city on various routes.

What Clothes to Choose in Dubai

In general, you can dress whatever you want in Dubai. Out of respect for the local culture, however, it is advisable to keep your shoulders covered and not to wear dresses or skirts that are too short. 

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When visiting a mosque, long clothing must be worn that reaches the ankles and wrists. Women also have to cover their hair there.

Swimwear is of course perfectly fine on the beach and at the pool. On the other hand, anyone who goes to a souk or a shopping mall in swimming trunks or bikini has to expect angry looks. You will feel much more comfortable there if you are out and about in loose casual clothing.

Are Tourists Allowed to Hold Hands in Dubai

According to local custom, men should refrain from offering their hand to an Arab woman in greeting or farewell. 

Instead, you should wait and see if she does it herself. Even vacationers should be cautious about signs of affection – holding hands is acceptable, but kissing in public is not.

By the way: Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world! Women can spend their holidays alone here without any problems, they are not bothered in any way.

Alcohol is Actually Served Here as Well

Wine with dinner or a drink in the evening is no problem in Dubai. Alcohol is served in licensed facilities such as most major hotels, lounges, and clubs. The minimum age for alcohol consumption is 21 years.

Important: inappropriate behavior under the influence of alcohol and drunk driving is in no way tolerated in the Emirates. And the possession or consumption of illegal drugs is of course strictly prohibited – there is no pardon.

When is the Best Time to Vacation in Dubai

Dubai is a wonderful bathing destination, especially in our dark season. The temperatures are most pleasant in the winter months with an average of 23 degrees during the day, and the water temperature on the beautiful beaches hardly drops below 22 degrees. This time is also ideal for excursions into the desert.

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In summer the temperatures rise to 40 degrees and more, the hottest months are July and August. Tourists spend most of their time in the pool or in cool lounges and shopping malls. This travel time has one advantage, as does the fasting month of Ramadan: The hotels are then particularly affordable.

Dubai During Ramadan

Ramadan is the most important month in the Islamic calendar, lasts one month, and begins this year towards the end of April. 

Muslims should practice inner contemplation and fast between sunrise and sunset, life goes a little slower. Vacationers and non-Muslims do not have to fast, but they are not allowed to eat, drink or smoke in public. In hotels and shopping malls, however, there are restaurants that are open at all times and that only install a screen so as not to disturb the fasting.

In addition, holidaymakers can take part in special rituals during Ramadan. Before sunrise, a delicious suhoor is served, consisting of fruits, sweetened cereals, yogurt, and puddings. After sunset, Muslims celebrate the end of the day with a lavish Iftar meal, which is the best opportunity for holidaymakers to try traditional cuisine with special menus in the hotels or in Iftar tents in the city. Shopping malls are also open longer, and there is a lot to discover at the Ramadan night market.

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