Galeries Lafayette: Visit the Galeries Lafayette in Dubai Mall 

6:45 pm  |  02.07.2023
Galeries Lafayette

Also in Dubai, there is a big business of Galeries Lafayette and if you want to shop luxuriously then you are exactly right. You should definitely stop by where you’re in Dubai Mall.

Galeries Lafayette in Dubai

As a rule, you know the luxury shopping house Galeries Lafayette from Paris and there you get a large selection of luxury brands. Of course, there is something in Dubai as well as the inhabitants are very well-being. That means these then only want to buy the best and most expensive products. First, you should know that this business is located in Dubai Mall in a special location. If you go then you will certainly come by. So it offers it to look in once and that does not cost anything. As a rule, the tourists look only inside and you can not afford the expensive products. But it is very interesting as the luxury products are presented there. In this post, you will now learn everything about this exclusive store and what you should buy there.

Where is the Shop in the Dubai Mall

Dubai Galeries Lafayette

As you have learned, the Galeries Lafayette is located in Dubai Mall. This is also the largest shopping center in Dubai with around 1,200 shops. However, this is a mega mall and therefore it is advisable that you are already inquiring exactly where this business is at all. Otherwise, you will certainly need a while until you are there. For example, if you go there with the rental car there then you should drive straight to the large parking garage P2.

From there you are very fast at the gallery and you do not need to go far. The shop is located on the second floor in the northern part. If you do not find it the same then there are digital information boards everywhere you can inquire. Furthermore, there is also service personnel with a tour desk that you can ask for every floor. There you get a brochure that you can take away.

Opening Hours

Then, of course, you should also know when the opening hours are and that’s easy there. As a rule, most shops also stick to the regular opening hours of Dubai Mall. This is always from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 24:00. So you have enough time to go there. However, one should know that it has significantly more visitors in Dubai. If you want to shop in peace, then you should best do this during the week and then in the morning. There it does not have so many visitors and you can watch the products better. Furthermore, you also have the opportunity to use a consultation.

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What You Can Buy There

On a sales area of ​​over 65,000 square meters, you can buy almost everything. From handbags, clothing, sunglasses, perfume, shoes, cosmetics, and household items everything is there. You will definitely be amazed what there is everything there. As in the main business in Paris, the goods are presented wonderfully there and therefore worth a visit, if you want to buy anything. Such something you will not get every day to face what you can imagine. So just look in there. You will not be harassed by the employees and these are more reserved. But of course, they like to give information if you want to know something.

Prices from the Galeries Lafayette

Dubai Mall and Galeries Lafayette

Since there are only luxury brands offered, the prices are of course accordingly high. But that does not mean that you can buy something there as a normal tourist. There are always offers where you can make a bargain. Furthermore, we always recommend the Dubai Summer Surprises or even during the Dubai Shopping Festival there. Then always high discounts are possible. If you want to buy a little more expensive then we have another useful tip again you should definitely follow.

The Goods are Also Delivered to the Hotel

If you bought something in the Galeries Lafayette then you also have the opportunity to deliver them to the hotel. Thus, you do not need to walk around if you want to look at other shops in the Dubai Mall. However, this service is not free and you pay about 2,500 dirhams. But with the rich and beautiful money does not play such a big role and they like to take this service. As a tourist, you will not do that, but that will be offered there for the exclusive customers.

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Valet Parking

Through his good location, there is also Valet Parking offered. That is one can then drive with his limousine directly in front of the Galeries Lafayette and then the car is parked. Thus, you do not need to worry about anything and can visit the business right away. But this service costs about 50 dirhams and the prices are still ok. Just nearby is a large car park where you can park cheaper if you want that.


Of course, the Galeries Lafayette also offers food for the customers. There is an area that calls Le Gourmet. There you can then be pampered with exclusive products from champagne to caviar. For a visit, you should therefore plan enough time because it is a large flagship store where an hour is over.

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