Fujairah Resort: One of the Best Destinations for Your Holidays

12:14 pm  |  26.09.2023

The UAE is a favorite place for tourists to visit. In addition to the fact that it is very beautiful and everything is literally saturated with the smell of money, the place offers wonderful resorts for vacationers.

In this article, we will explain in detail what the Fujairah resort in the UAE is like. An overview of the resort, a full description, pros and cons can be found in the article below.

Fujairah resort is one of the most beautiful and densely green emirates. The shores of this resort are washed by the Indian Ocean. The resort also boasts plenty of greenery, excellent diving, and superb beaches with golden-white sand. If you are a lover of scuba diving or just a calm and relaxing beach holiday, then Fujairah will truly be a paradise for you.

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Note! The climatic conditions in the resort of Fujairah are very different from the weather conditions of all other emirates. The weather in the resort of Fujairah is much fresher compared to Dubai or Sharjah; there are absolutely no sandstorms in Fujairah since the resort is protected by the Hajar Mountains. In addition, the most favorable time for a holiday at this resort is the period from the beginning of September to April. During this period, the air temperature at the resort does not exceed +32 degrees, and a fresh breeze blows from the sea.

In addition, due to the fact that the resort area is washed by the Indian Ocean, it is always humid and precipitation occurs very often.


Beach line

The size of the beach at the resort of Fujairah exceeds 90 km. In addition, the sand on the beach is white and very pleasant, and the descent into the water is smooth, without a sharp transition to depth. In addition, the sea water is very warm and favorable for swimming; moreover, it is transparent and ideal for diving. Basically, all beach areas belong to a hotel.


Perhaps one of the most popular activities at this resort is diving. Among all the resorts in the United Arab Emirates, Fujairah is the most suitable for underwater diving. There are coral shallows near the resort, and also several interesting dive sites with sunken ships.

The resort’s marine fauna can delight the eye with sea turtles, sharks, and a huge variety of colored fish. Mainly in order to plunge into and see all the beauty of the underwater world of the resort, tourists go to the islands of Snoopy and Dibba. However, in addition to these two islands, there are several other islands to dive and include Shark Island, Three Rocks, Martini, and Chasm of the World Cave.


Let’s look at the most popular attractions in Fujairah. These include ancient forts that have been towering over the desert for several hundred years. The most interesting are Fujairah, Al Heil, Al Bitna, and Wadi Dafta.

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In addition, while visiting this resort, you cannot pass by the Al-Badiya Mosque, which is more than 500 years old. At the same time, you should also visit archaeological museums that store historical and very rare exhibits, and visit a local village, whose residents will tell you in detail how the Arabs lived several hundred years ago. In addition, when visiting the village, you can see national dances and try the treats of old Arab cuisine.

Another interesting and attracting a lot of attention entertainment in the United Arab Emirates is bullfighting. However, compared to bullfighting, the fights here are much more humane and safer for animals. You can watch the fighting on Friday evening near Kalba. In addition, the Fujairah resort also has a camel racing track, but in order to get to them, you need to find out the schedule in advance and purchase tickets.

In case you are an outdoor enthusiast, then you should go trekking in the Hajar Mountains. All hiking routes are very well thought out; along the way, there will be a large number of observation platforms, from which a marvelous view of the mountains and coastline opens.

Interesting! However, if you want to relax only with your family or completely alone without strangers, then the beach called Korfakan is the perfect place.

In addition, near the city, there is a hot spring of mineral water, which many claim can treat diseases of the skin, nervous system, and joints.


For big fans of shopping on vacation, the resort of Fujairah has several large shopping centers. Among all, the most popular shopping centers for tourists are Safeer Mall, Fujairah Tower Mall, Fujairah City Center, and others. In addition, the Safeer Mall is the largest shopping center in the entire resort. In this shopping center, you can find almost everything your heart desires.

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It is also worth visiting the market, which is open only on Fridays. It is called Souk al-Jumaa. At this market, you can buy some folk art products, exclusively handmade carpets, various decorative items, products, and spices as souvenirs. However, the market differs from a shopping center in that here you will have to bargain since sellers can discount as much as half the price; if you want to buy something without haggling, the seller may be offended by you and consider your reluctance to bargain as an insult.

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