From Dubai to Abu Dhabi: How to Get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

3:37 pm  |  30.11.2021
From Dubai to Abu Dhabi

How do you actually get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi? Here we explain what options there are and which are best for tourists. You certainly want to see the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

From Dubai to Abu Dhabi

As a rule, most of the tourists spend their holidays in the Emirate of Dubai. But you have certainly seen Abu Dhabi on television once. Maybe you have already heard from relatives or acquaintances that it should be very nice there too. Now the question is definitely how to get into the emirate. There are many different options that we will explain in detail here. But in principle, everyone has to decide for themselves what they want to use or not.

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Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi in the evening

The emirate of Dubai is about 150 kilometers away from Abu Dhabi. But it always depends on where you are driving. For example, if you drive from Dubai Marina to Yas Island then it’s only 95 kilometers. That means you only need 1 hour for this route. But if you drive from Dubai International Airport to the Emirates Palace then it’s 160 kilometers again. Depending on the traffic situation, it takes between 1 hour, 45 minutes, and even 2 hours. So it always depends on where you want to go in the capital.

Book a Day Trip to Abu Dhabi

Certainly, the easiest and most comfortable way to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is to book a day trip. You can book this in our Dubai ticket shop, for example. There you have the advantage that you don’t have to worry about anything yourself. There is also an experienced travel guide who is very knowledgeable. There you always get a lot of tips that are very useful. Usually, such an excursion is not expensive and it lasts all day. This tour always starts with the pick-up directly at the hotel and you are then about 10 hours on the road. If you decide on such a tour then you will visit the highlights of the city such as Ferrari World, Yas Island, Louvre Abu Dhabi, and the Emirates Palace Hotel. That’s a really nice program for the whole day and you’ll be amazed.

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Make the Day Trip on Your Own

Emirates Palace Hotel

Of course, there are also many holidaymakers who do not want to take an organized tour from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. There are then different options that you can do. But we only recommend doing this if you are familiar with the location. It is best if you have already vacationed in the United Arab Emirates several times. Otherwise, it can be that you are overwhelmed there very quickly and it can become stressful. You definitely want to relax and go on vacation there. Basically, this is possible without any problems and usually cheaper than a day trip from a tour operator.

With the Rental Car from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

It is very practical if you simply rent a rental car for the day or even several days. You can pick it up at Dubai Airport and drive off from there. Many providers also offer free hotel delivery. This is of course even more practical. This is of course possible for a day trip. But you also have to know that you have to give it back then. Furthermore, it is usually regulated in such a way that you can always rent the rental car every 24 hours. That means if you take it over at 10:00 in the morning then it has to be returned the next day at the same time. Otherwise, a whole new day may be charged again. We recommend spending a couple of days in Abu Dhabi to make it worthwhile.


In the metropolis of Dubai, there are thousands of taxis on the move every day that you can use. With these, you can get around very cheaply. But as a rule, they only drive around the city and not to the other emirates. First, you have to find a driver who is ready to drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. Because it doesn’t just have to go there, it also has to go back again. These costs must then also be taken into account. So it is not as cheap as you might imagine. If you want to do this, it is best to reserve a taxi for a few days with the Dubai Taxi Corporation for this trip. This is easily possible and then the taxi arrives at the hotel in Dubai at the agreed time. Then you just have to tell where you want to be driven in Abu Dhabi.

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The Metro Runs from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

It is currently not possible to travel between the two emirates by metro. But in the future, it is planned that this will be expanded further. You can go very far with the metro. But then there comes an end where it doesn’t go any further. So this means of transport is not the right one for the journey from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

Use the Emirates Bus E100 or E101

If you want to have it cheaply, you can also use the bus. This is a certain bus route called the E100. You then start from the Al Ghubaiba Bus Station in Dubai and the bus then stops again at the Central Bus Station in Abu Dhabi. But the disadvantage is of course that the buses run at certain times and the central bus station in Abu Dhabi has to go to. Then there is another possibility with the bus route E101 which you can use from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. There you have to get on at the IBN Battuta Metro Bus Station and then continue towards the capital. As a rule, the buses are mostly used by locals and guest workers. You will find very few tourists there.

Our Recommendation

In our opinion, it is always best to stay in Abu Dhabi for several days. There are also many nice hotels where you can stay. Then you can look at the sights there in peace. If you only have very little time, you should go on a day trip to Abu Dhabi, where you can see everything in a very short time. However, this is then also more stressful and you can see everything in a fast run.

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