For Gourmets: Top 12 Most Delicious Arabic Cuisine Dishes

11:59 pm  |  19.09.2023

When going on vacation to the United Arab Emirates, in addition to sightseeing tours and beach holidays, you should also try Arabic cuisine. Discover the 12 most delicious dishes in Arabic cuisine in this article.

Manakish or Manaish

This flatbread is served with olive oil, to which a mixture of spices is first added.

The dish is an unleavened flatbread with melted cheese inside, and this dish is usually served as an appetizer to the main course.

If you prepare manakish according to all the rules, then the cheese in the flatbread should be brined, suluguni, or feta cheese. In addition, there should be sesame seeds, as well as a mixture of spices such as cumin, oregano, sumac, thyme, marjoram, and sea salt.

Important! Manakish is eaten by dipping the flatbread in spicy oil.


Arabic cuisine is mainly popular for its variety of meat dishes. Basically, eating lamb is very popular in the country. Every tourist who visited the United Arab Emirates tasted biryani and discovered new boundaries of gastro culture. The dish is served with marinated fried meat on boiled rice, topped with raisins and pistachios.

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Interesting fact! In addition, this dish can be tried whether it is made from beef, chicken, or fish.


Pies with cheese or meat. The dish got its name Mezze from the Italians.


A very important dish in Eastern cuisine, it is made from boiled chickpeas and tahini paste.

Babaganoush, or in other words, pasta, is prepared from grated baked eggplants and garlic, which is used generously in the paste.

The United Arab Emirates has a large number of varieties of olives. They differ in size, variety, taste, and shape. If you are an olive lover, we recommend trying each variety, or better yet, doing it with traditional snacks.

Al Harees

Al Harees

This dish is mainly prepared for some grand event, for example, a wedding can become such a celebration. In addition, the dish is prepared for the most important Muslim holiday, Ramadan.

Al Harees is steamed wheat with meat. It is boiled for a long time until all the moisture has evaporated. Subsequently, all this is stewed for 24 hours. The dish itself is served after pouring melted butter over it; the dish is very simple in composition, but has an exquisite taste and aroma.


In a nutshell, these are crunchy balls made from chickpeas. Served in restaurants and as Eastern fast food.

The tender falafel is more like a soft meatball made by frying in oil, but it is nothing more than mashed chickpeas. Today, the dish is increasingly finding its fans around the world, and for some, it even becomes the main dish.

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This product is best known as shawarma. In the United Arab Emirates, and in particular, in Dubai, shawarma is the most affordable, tasty, and satisfying dish. Local fast food chains have a huge variety of shawarma, and, as has already become clear, the choice of shawarma is very large. The composition of sharaverma itself is very simple: meat, sauce, vegetables, olives. It is thanks to olives that shawarma in Dubai is the most delicious dish.


This is a traditional bread salad, which includes a standard set of vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, fresh carrots, radishes, as well as various aromatic herbs, among which mint is considered obligatory. However, what makes this salad special are the dried pita pieces, which play the role of croutons in the famous Caesar salad.

The presence of sourness in the salad is provided by sumac seasoning, thanks to which a simple vegetable salad acquires a unique oriental aroma.


Abundant fish and seafood dishes are found in the UAE, thanks to the Persian and Oman gulfs washing its shores. It is difficult to surprise a sophisticated gourmet with grilled fish steaks, so we suggest trying triangular briki pies, which are made from the thinnest dough and fried in oil.

The filling can be varied: fish, shrimp, and even lamb. Before you try a piece, we recommend pouring lemon juice over the briki.

Al Madruba

The most famous fish dish in the UAE. Al-Madruba is a fish prepared in two ways: boiling and salting. At the same time, the taste of the fish is quite specific and it is served in combination with sauce.

It is said that the flavor combination of fish and sauce has awarded al-Madruba the status of the first dish in popularity among tourists. From meat and fish dishes we smoothly move on to desserts.


All dates in the UAE are of high quality and juicy. Locals certainly know a lot about their preparation. Dates are served as an addition to tea and, if you are planning to buy souvenirs, it is better to opt for a box of local dates rather than a Chinese magnet.

The subtropical climate is ideal for date palms. Once you find yourself in the sweets section of a Dubai store, you will be amazed by the abundance of options for preparing dates: in any kind of chocolate, stuffed with nuts, in the form of jam, dried, dried, giant and small.

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Umm Ali 

The most common dessert of local cuisine is prepared in everyday life on special occasions.

Important! Every tourist in Dubai should try Umm Ali, a bread pudding soaked in rose petal syrup and topped with dried fruits and nuts.

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