For Free: What Can You Use for Free in a Hotel Room in Dubai

10:15 pm  |  16.11.2021
Hotel Room in Dubai

Here you can find out what you can use for free in a hotel room in Dubai. The rooms are very well equipped and offer a lot of comforts. Thus, the vacation is always an experience.

What Can You Use for Free?

Jumeirah Burj Al Arab Club Suite

If you are on holiday in Dubai for the first time, you will quickly find that the hotels there are of a very high standard. As a rule, most of them are very astonished because they have probably never stayed in such a luxurious hotel room. You don’t want to leave the hotel room in Dubai because it is so beautiful and has everything you can imagine. Furthermore, these are very large and you have enough space. On this page, you can find out what you can use for free in a hotel room in Dubai and where you have to pay a fee. There are differences there and you should definitely pay attention to that. There are always tourists who put their feet up there and have poorly prepared for the trip. Then additional costs can arise that could have been avoided.

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The minibar is always an integral part of a hotel room in Dubai. There you can get chilled drinks, for example, and alcohol is also available. Then there are also snacks from well-known brands such as chips or peanuts. All of this is of course very tempting and you want to access it right away. But everything that is in the minibar costs a fee and you have to pay something for it. Many tourists do not know that and then the minibar is emptied immediately. The next day this is then refilled and that is very practical. But everything is then carefully written down what one has consumed. When you check out you will then be billed. Usually, there is a list directly in the minibar or next to it where you can see what everything costs. Then you should think about whether you want to eat or drink it.

Hairdryer and Amenities

WLAN Dubai

So that the guests’ stay is as pleasant as possible, the rooms are of course equipped with a hairdryer. So you don’t need to bring it with you from home. You can also use the amenities free of charge, such as a shower gel, shampoo, or body lotion. If you have booked a luxury hotel then usually a razor, sewing kit, and much more. This is very practical and the shower gel is usually refilled every day when it is empty. But there are also some differences in the hotels. Some get topped up and some don’t.

Internet and WiFi

Bulgari Resort Dubai Hotel

Of course, all hotel guests always want to use the Internet to communicate with relatives and friends. This is of course not a problem there and most hotels in Dubai usually offer free WiFi throughout the hotel. You can then use it wherever you are. Furthermore, a password and the room number are usually required there. Maybe the last name too. But there are also hotels where, for example, only free Wi-Fi is offered in the lobby. If you want to use this in the room then you have to pay a fee for it again.

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Iron and Ironing Board

In many hotel rooms, there is always an ironing board and iron available. You can of course use it for free and you don’t have to pay anything for it. If you have clothes with you that still have to be ironed then you can do it there. As a rule, the iron is always hidden in a cupboard and cannot be seen at first glance.


It is always very important that you stow your valuables in the safe. We always recommend leaving your passport, money, and electronic items such as a smartphone there. The safe can also be used free of charge and you don’t have to pay a fee for it. As a rule, you only need to enter a four-digit code there, which of course should be remembered.

Free Bottled Water

If you’ve booked a five-star luxury hotel in Dubai, you usually get free bottled water there. You can drink it for free and it is refilled every day which is very convenient. If you need more then you can simply tell the room cleaning service. But there is also water where you have to pay for it.

Balcony or Terrace

The balcony or terrace is particularly important in a beach hotel. This is simply part of a hotel room in Dubai and you can use it for free. If you are lucky, there is even a lounger and a parasol available. Many hotels in Dubai offer such a service. But then only in the luxury category what you can imagine.

Laundry Service

For a longer stay in a hotel in Dubai, one can use the laundry service. That means there is a bag there where you only have to put your “dirty laundry” in and then get it washed clean the next day. It is important to know that this service is only possible against payment of an extra fee.

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Of course, the television can also be used free of charge and you can also receive television programs in English there. Furthermore, it is always so that you can usually only watch a few channels and there are all possible languages. Since many different nationalities stay overnight in the hotels in Dubai, these languages ​​are also offered.


There are also numerous hotels in town where you can get free slippers. These can then be used in the hotel room in Dubai, in the spa area, or if you want to go to the pool. Usually, these are always in a plastic bag, and if you want you can take them home with you. This is definitely a popular souvenir because the hotel logo can be seen there.


So that you can use the spa area or the pool, the hotels also offer a bathrobe. But this can only be used free of charge during the stay. It is not possible to take this home with you. You have to know that it is very expensive and the hotel cannot provide it to every guest as a souvenir. But you can ask if these are also available for sale.

Our Opinion

The hotel rooms in Dubai are very well equipped and most of them can be used free of charge. But there are also a few things where you have to pay a fee like a minibar. You should definitely consider that no additional costs have to be paid at check out.

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