Flying Cup: Here You Find Everything about the Flying Cup in Dubai 

12:42 pm  |  22.06.2023
Flying Cup

A great view of the skyline of Dubai Marina and Bluewaters Island is from the Flying Cup. Especially for children, this is an interesting attraction where you will have a lot of fun.

Flying Cup in Dubai

Surely you will also look at The Beach and Jumeirah Beach Residence. There is a wonderful flange mile with shops, restaurants, and now the Flying Cup. However, it is not a Flying Cup, but this only looks like this and you will be transported in about 40 meters in height so you can also enjoy a beautiful view.

You have the opportunity to eat a small thing or drink. But you have to be careful that nothing falls down. Especially if you are looking for an extraordinary attraction in the Dubai holiday then you are exactly right there. You can find similar attractions in many well-known cities in the world where you will be transported to the height for example with a balloon.

Where is the Flying Cup?

As you’ve learned, the Flying Cup at The Beach is located at the beach, so you also have a good look when promoted in height. Now you ask yourself if you can get there at all. The easiest way is with your own car and you can park this in the large parking garage of The Beach. But this is chargeable.

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Of course, it is very convenient if you have booked a hotel nearby, such as the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Beach. From there you are in a few minutes walking at the attraction. The Flying Cup is practically right next to the beach section and if you go bath there then you can always look at it and you would like to try it once.

Opening Hours

The Flying Cup on New Year’s Eve

If you want to try the Flying Cup then you should also inform yourself about the exact opening hours. These are daily from 15:00 to 22:00. Our tip is the ticket always at dusk, or to book the sunset. Because then the temperatures are very pleasant and you can also see the illuminated skyline. Tags it is very warm in Dubai, especially in the months in summer.

Tickets and Entrance Fees for the Flying Cup

So that you can fly once with the Flying Cup you need a ticket. It is best to book this online and then you only need to show the voucher on-site what is very convenient. However, there are different ticket types that you can reserve. For example, you can book a “dinner in the sky” where you then get food. But you can decide for yourself what you would like to have.

Eat & Drink

There are tickets where the food is already included, with others you can buy this yourself extra. Usually, there is always a hot dog, popcorn, drink, and a ticket. If you book this combination then you save something back to money. If you reach the top is then the drinks and the food is served.

An employee is practically in the middle and the passengers are arranged outside in the seating position. In principle, the Flying Cup is set up like a flying bar or counter and that is already very exceptional because you are at a height of 40 meters. If you have thirst again then you just order a drink again.

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Duration and Safety

A ride with the Flying Cup takes about 20 minutes and you have enough time to enjoy the view. One then has the opportunity to take photos from the Dubai Marina the closest. But you can also see the Ain Dubai, Bluewaters Island, and even the Burj Al Arab. Of course, it is also caused to ensure that nothing happens.

Before driving you get a brief instruction and all passengers are strapped. This is similar to a roller coaster. So you can not fly out. But you should always wear solid footwear as they could fly down. It is not recommended that you only carry flip-flops and this would be too dangerous. So always pay attention to the right shoes.


Flying Cup Dubai

You have the opportunity to do photos, or if you do not have a smartphone or camera while they are also taken. There you have to pay a fee if you want to have them. But this is certainly a nice memory of the trip to Dubai. With the Flying Cup, you will certainly not fly every day and that’s something special.

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Our Opinion

The Flying Cup is a bit extraordinary. You could compare this with the XLine Dubai Marina. Of course, a highlight is a view you have and you will be impressed. If you are a small group then this is more fun again. Furthermore, you can also reserve the Flying Cup for an event or event if you want. The prices for a ticket are still okay and affordable for every tourist.

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