Fly With the Condor to Dubai: Tourists Can Fly Nonstop with the Condor to Dubai

7:08 pm  |  01.07.2023

Meanwhile, you can fly to Dubai with Condor and this is certainly an alternative to Emirates or Lufthansa. The advantage is certainly that this is a direct flight and is thus quickly on site.

Information about Condor to Dubai for Tourists

The destination Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is becoming increasingly popular among tourists and so far you could usually only fly with Emirates Airline. This is the national airline of the emirate and is also known worldwide for your service. The destination airport and the large hub is Dubai International Airport. You also have to know that this is a charter airline and not a scheduled airline like Emirates Airline. Thus, there are some restrictions such as comfort.

Which Airport is Served There

Dubai International Airport

As already mentioned, the Dubai International Airport is not served there, but the new Al Maktoum International Airport. This is supposed to be expanded to the largest airport around the world. But this is currently used exclusively by charter airlines and cargo airlines. Of course, the airport is not quite as big as the other. But he also offers a Duty-Free area where you can buy something. If you booked a hotel in the Dubai Marina or The Palm Jumeirah then you can expect a shorter transfer time. However, if you booked a hotel in Downtown Dubai then this is again longer.

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How Long is the Flight Time There

The flight time with the Condor to Dubai is between 6 and 7 flight hours. It always depends on which airport from you. In principle, the flight time is the same as Emirates Airlines too. Only the departure times are certainly not so comfortable. That means it can be quiet that you will fly overnight and the return flight then early in the morning. Certainly, the best flight times to Dubai has Emirates Airline.

Which Aircraft Type is Used There

Al Maktoum International Airport

This flight comes with a Boeing 757-300 for use with 255 seats. In the front area, 40 seats are available as Premium Economy. That means there you have more legroom and thus the flight is then more pleasant. Furthermore, one can still benefit from many other advantages, such as a free medium seat or a Premium Meal. However, this of course costs an extra charge of around 170 dollars per person and distance. Certainly, you must decide for yourself whether he needs this or not.

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Limitations for Passengers Over a Scheduled Flight

If you fly with the Condor to Dubai then you have to know that this is a charter airline. There, the principle is similar to a low-cost aircraft and you do not have such a high comfort as a passenger as a scheduled airline. First, a small airmer is used. At the Condor, this is a Boeing 757-300 and at Emirates usually an Airbus A380-800. This is significantly bigger and also has more comfort. The food and onboard assistance on every seat is not included.

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How High is the Free Luggage

Furthermore, there are usually also restrictions on the free luggage. Leg freedom is often clearly limited and this is not so relaxed at Dubai destination. Then the new airport is still served and not the current airport of Dubai where the large turnstile is located. So there are some limitations that you do not have at Emirates Airline. But certainly, for many tourists, the price of a package tour then decides whether you buy this in buy or not. If you want to have more service and services then you have to pay this too.

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