Features of the Indigenous People of the United Arab Emirates: Lifestyle and Habits

11:57 pm  |  21.09.2023

The United Arab Emirates is a wealthy country known for its luxury and exoticism. There is hardly a single person in the world who would not like to visit there. In this article, we will describe various interesting facts from the life of indigenous Arabs.

Important! It is worth considering that the United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country that has a very large number of rules.

For example, during the holy holiday of Ramadan, you should not eat or drink in public places, especially during the day. Provocative clothing and inappropriate behavior are also not encouraged.

Life of the Indigenous People of the United Arab Emirates

It is known that the United Arab Emirates is famous for its strict adherence to traditions. In addition, feminization has not bypassed the state, and every year there are more and more privileges for women in the country. For example, today the way to parliament is open to representatives of the fair sex.

People who belong to other religions while in the United Arab Emirates should respect the traditions of the Arab people. For the use of narcotic substances, they can be sent to prison, and if they engage in drug distribution, they can even be sentenced to death. Throwing trash on the street and swearing are also prohibited. In addition, every year the boundaries of decency become softer. 

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The main feature of the modernity of the United Arab Emirates is the self-determination of its inhabitants. Basically, the natives of the UAE call themselves Bani Yasi or Emirati. The name depends on where the tribes in which their ancestors lived come from. It is noteworthy that there is practically no unemployment in the country due to a very developed domestic policy. Both local residents and visiting immigrants can apply for all vacant positions. This principle is called Emiratization.

Note this fact! At last count, the population of the United Arab Emirates is 2.16 times more male. This is explained by labor migration. That is why it is not recommended for women to go on holiday to the UAE without a male accompaniment. In tourist areas or hotels, you won’t feel any intrusiveness from men, but once you get into business or working areas, there will be a lot of signs of attention.

There are some peculiarities in the life of indigenous Arabs. For example, let’s highlight some of them.

Independence. It is known that the population of the United Arab Emirates consists mainly of labor immigrants, but this does not change the fact that every citizen considers himself the “master of life.” A wealthy local is the norm in the UAE.

There are a huge number of opportunities for women in the country. The main observance of Muslim traditions is the custom that the potential groom must prove that he is able to provide for his family.

In the United Arab Emirates, polygamy is allowed under certain conditions. The conditions are that the man must provide housing to each wife and make gifts worth at least 30 thousand dirhams.

It is easy to distinguish local residents from tourists or visiting workers. Every third representative of the state is obese. This is a common problem in developed countries. Women in the UAE can go bareheaded, but this is rare. More often they wear a hijab and appear on the beaches in one-piece swimsuits.

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The Arabs are one of those nations that take a responsible approach to observing all traditions. They even try to conduct their daily life in accordance with customs. We invite you to get to know some of them.

Meetings Between Men are Accompanied by Kisses

Kisses between men

According to tradition, if men are relatives or close friends, then when they meet, they can exchange two kisses on the cheek. This is considered normal. This is how men show respect for each other.

Reception of Guests Begins with Tea

The tradition is observed both at home and in the office. The first thing you need to do is give the guest tea or offer any other drink. The custom has been observed since the times when the Arabs lived in the desert. It is believed that the guest walked for a long time under the scorching sun and needed to quench his thirst.

Daily Prayers

Religious traditions have long been part of the life of Arabs. They usually pray 5 times a day. From childhood, representatives of these people are taught to strictly follow the custom.

Only Women Take Care of Everyday Life

In accordance with Arab customs, only the woman is responsible for housekeeping. There can be no talk of any division of responsibilities. If a man is able to hire a housekeeper, then he does so. In less wealthy families, the wife cooks, cleans, and does laundry.

The Left Hand is Hardly Used

While doing housework or eating food, Arabs try not to use their left hand. Muslims consider it unclean, so they rarely use it in everyday life. For example, it can be used to wash dishes, hold a napkin, or disassemble fish.

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Family Ties are Sacred

If in an Arab family, one of the relatives commits a shameful act, then the entire family turns away from him. This tradition is considered the most terrible punishment for a person.

Arabic coffee is famous for its strength. Many people are accustomed to drinking the beverage daily due to its unique taste. Usually, this coffee is served to all guests at home.

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