Features of PR in the United Arab Emirates: Doing Business in Dubai and Information About Top Companies

10:06 pm  |  19.02.2024

Dubai has been one of the leading international business centers and economic leaders of the future for several years now. Recently, it has become clear that it is also a key destination for foreign offices and domestic companies. According to Yale University, the total number has exceeded 1,000 and continues to grow. However, to successfully penetrate this lucrative market, which offers many business opportunities, it is necessary to develop a strategy that takes into account both local conditions and many unpredictable factors. In this article, we will discuss the features of PR in the UAE and effective strategies for business development in this region, especially in Dubai.

Advantages of Doing Business in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates, especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi, are considered a unique bridge between the West and the East; here, tradition intertwines with innovation, and diverse cultures coexist in harmony. The 2009 crisis became an impetus for even stronger growth, creating a favorable environment for various businesses – from small start-ups to large corporations. 

In 2020, the UAE introduced the UAE50 economic plan, aimed at stimulating the national economy, growing GDP, developing the local business community, strengthening the UAE’s position on the global stage, and providing investors with access to global markets.

Thanks to the constant emergence of new business opportunities, investment-attractive legislation, a stable financial system, and developed infrastructure, the UAE is currently considered one of the best places to do business. However, success in this market partly depends on an effective marketing strategy that takes into account the peculiarities of advertising and PR in the UAE, particularly in Dubai. Please understand these features to ensure a company’s reputation is maintained.

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Building a PR Campaign in the United Arab Emirates

To successfully penetrate the local market of any country, it is necessary to take into account the current legislation, conduct a thorough analysis of the situation, and apply an effective marketing strategy that is appropriate to the political and cultural environment. The Gulf Cooperation Council, including the UAE, has seen a steady increase in the use of digital media:

  • Users in these countries are among the most active social media users in the world.
  • The percentage of Internet access here is higher than the global average (95% versus 59%).
  • In the UAE and Saudi Arabia, about 70% of consumers use smartphones for online shopping.
  • In the UAE, especially Dubai, social trends reflect the diversity of the population. According to Bain and Company, English-speaking users outnumber Arabic-speaking users, with a social media penetration rate of 99%. The most popular platforms are YouTube (87.4%), Facebook (79%), Instagram (67.1%), and Twitter (52%).

The culture in the UAE is significantly different from the West, and local laws require strict rules of behavior in society, which is also important to consider when doing PR activities. Some features that will help make your UAE business stand out include:

  • Customized marketing and advertising campaigns on multi-channel platforms, while local PR agencies often use press releases in the media.
  • Professional media relations and cultural connections with key journalists.
  • Multilingual opportunities in the promotion and dissemination of information at the national and international levels.
  • Taking into account local characteristics and focusing on benefits for the country.
  • It is important to have the support of specialists with a deep understanding of the local market, given the impact of the nationality of the target audience on the image and reputation of a business in the UAE.

To craft a successful PR campaign in the UAE, especially in Dubai, several crucial strategies must be adhered to:

  1. Cultural and Legal Compliance: Adherence to local norms and regulations is paramount. This entails crafting content in Arabic or English, engaging experienced native-speaking editors, and showing respect for indigenous customs.
  2. Digital Platforms and Tools: Leveraging digital media to heighten awareness among the target audience. With the Emirates boasting high Internet penetration rates, online platforms serve as potent promotional avenues.
  3. Media Communication: Extensive dissemination of press releases and maintaining ongoing interaction with journalists through the “Follow-up” approach aids in garnering attention for the brand.
  4. Warm Relations with Press Representatives: Nurturing connections with journalists by extending congratulations on significant occasions fosters enduring rapport.
  5. Utilization of Digital Tools: Employing SEO, geolocation customization, and meticulous targeting on social networks are pivotal in amplifying brand visibility and audience engagement.
  6. Analysis and Optimization of Results: Continuous evaluation of campaign efficacy and strategic refinement is indispensable for attaining maximal promotional outcomes.
  7. Consideration of Local Specifics: Introspecting the nuances of UAE culture and legislation during campaign development mitigates unforeseen repercussions.
In essence, a holistic approach, mindful of local dynamics, coupled with adept utilization of resources and platforms, underpins the triumph of a PR campaign in the UAE.

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The United Arab Emirates is Home to Many Digital Marketing Agencies

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is home to many digital marketing agencies that are gaining attention for their innovative approaches to advertising and promotion.


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Digital Nexa

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