Everything You Need to Know About the Forex Traders Summit 2023

9:28 am  |  21.11.2022
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The Forex Traders Summit 2023 is the largest global event of its kind, as well as in the Middle East and GCE. New traders get to rub shoulders, meet, and indulge in conversation with professionals from all around the world about their favourite subject. The summit takes place in Dubai for two days seventeenth and eighteenth of May 2023. 

This international gathering draws traders from all over to participate in discussion panels regarding the financial markets. It also seeks to honour The 50 Most Influential Figures in Global Financial Markets.

Details othe Forex Traders Summit 2023 to Be Held in Dubai

The Third Edition of The Forex Traders Summit 2023 will take place at the Dubai International Financial Centre from the 17th to 18th May 2023. The luxurious Ritz-Carlton suite has been booked for this well-known event. The previous event, in February 2021, was also held in Dubai and attracted hundreds of traders hailing from over 30 countries across the globe.

Dubai, in the Middle East, is the host of the event, the largest of its kind in the region dealing with Forex. Powerful talks that interrogate the ups and downs of various financial markets will take place in discussion panels with contributions by top experts in this arena. New traders will also be free to ask questions and make comments, seeking to enlarge their knowledge of trading platforms like metatrader 4 and find ways to improve their skills and ability to read the markets.

Relatively equal numbers of representatives from both B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) will be present. Other parties who will also be represented at the summit are trading platforms companies, payment solutions, agents, IBS, and individual investors. This provides a broad scope of interests, influencers, and knowledge bases.

The Global Financial Markets Awards Ceremony “Second Edition”

Influencers have a great capacity to influence markets and bring about changes in policies, ways of thinking, and decision-making. They act as a stimulus for ideas and give them wings to fly. Thus, we take note of those who have inspired financial markets. This industry has made huge strides in remaining technologically relevant and instituting a customer-centric approach as a result of such people. 

The Forex Traders Summit 2023 honours these giants in the Global Financial Markets Awards Ceremony “Second Edition”. Additionally, Smart Vision has published the names and rankings of the 50 Most Influential Figures in Global Financial Markets in the Middle East. The Smart Vision research team collected data from social media, phone, and email to identify these most influential drivers in the financial markets and forex to arrive at the lists. More than 20 countries were surveyed.


Various sponsors will be present and visible. They will have special booths in an excellent location with bar tables and stools, 50-inch television screens, power outlets, and every possible comfort. There is an Official Sponsor, a Main Global Sponsor, and Platinum, Diamond, and Gold Sponsors. They will receive invitations to luncheons and other breaks and the Closing Ceremony. Special features include inter alia, the display of banners and company logos, which will also be advertised on the organiser’s website. One special feature will be the placement of their logos in Media Zone which will thus appear in all footage of the event and on all channels.

This is a must-attend summit for those seeking to make their mark in the financial world.

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