Everything in Dubai is Air-Conditioned: Because of the Partially High Outdoor Temperatures in Summer, Everything is Wonderfully Air-Conditioned in Dubai

3:27 pm  |  09.07.2023
Everything in Dubai is Air-Conditioned

In Emirate Dubai, everything is perfectly air-conditioned and as a tourist, you do not need to be afraid there that you have to sweat. Where this is exactly what we will describe here. There is a lot to consider.

What is in Dubai Everything Air-Conditioned

Surely one has ever heard that in the months of summer the temperatures in Dubai can become very hot. That means daily temperatures of over 40 degrees are not uncommon there. Even at night, it will not be cooler like 30 degrees. Thus, there is definitely dependent on air conditioning systems so that the constant heat can then endure.

But as mentioned, the Emirate has hired on this climate and it is almost everything air-conditioned there. It is important to know for tourists that one must not underestimate the air conditioning systems. That is one is not used to this and you can get cold there very quickly. In this post, we have now tips as you should behave best.

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Hotels and Hotel Rooms

A bus stop in Dubai

In general, of course, you will use the air conditioning in the hotel and also in the hotel room. Normally the lobby is well air-conditioned and if you enter this for the first time then you will not sweat there. It can certainly be that this is a bit too cool in some hotels. So you should also consider this.

At the hotel room, we have an important tip to use here. Because the temperatures are then partially very high and many do not want to sweat the air conditioning in the hotel room is set to “extra cold”. This often turns out the next day as a big mistake. You then realize a “scratching in the throat” and cold is preprogrammed. We recommend that you always turn off at night and under tags if you do not turn it in the room. Then you always have a pleasantly cool room.

Shopping Malls and Outlets

© JA Ocean View Hotel | Room

Often it is so in the shopping malls that these are also very cool. One has an outdoor temperature of partly over 40 degrees and then sweats very strongly. If you go into the shopping center as well as the Dubai Mall then you often get a “cold shock”. Because there are the temperatures sometimes only 20 degrees. Thus, one has a temperature difference of 20 degrees.

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Again, you should always be careful there and you get cold very quickly. But that’s the same many tourists. So that this does not happen should be considered this definitely. We then recommend taking a “top” that you can then draw in the mall. Then you will not freeze there. You would definitely want to go on vacation in Dubai and are not with pain in the hotel bed.

Taxis are Often Strongly Air Conditioned

Surely you want to use a taxi in Dubai. As a rule, these are also well air-conditioned and you will not sweat there. But there are also drivers who then cut the air conditioning too cold. As a tourist, you come in short pants and a T-shirt in the taxi and you think then sits in a fridge. The driver usually has long pants and a shirt.

Of course, this will not sweat this and the temperatures are very pleasant for this. But there we have a good tip again. One should say to the driver that he should turn off the air conditioning as long as it is simply reduced. If the trip is over then you can give this a tip and then both are satisfied.

Dubai Metro and Bus Stops

Of course, there is air conditioning in the Dubai Metro. But if you are very full and you do not get a good place then it can be that the air conditioning is blowing directly into the face. This is not particularly pleasant. We always recommend avoiding peak times and then you can choose the seat. If you take the bus then the stops are also air-conditioned and that has been wonderfully solved there. Thus, you do not need to sweat if you wait for the bus.

It Is All Wonderfully Air Conditioned in the City

The Metro Station of the Mall of the Emirates

Of course, the air conditioning systems will be appreciated in the summer months. But as you have already learned you can get cold there very quickly. So you have to be careful that you do not feel. That’s exactly possible there, though it is very hot in Dubai. We therefore always recommend wearing breathable clothes. You can buy them everywhere.

There you have the advantage that this then dries again very quickly. With a cotton t-shirt, you have the disadvantage if this one is wet-sweated you will not get this so fast. If you then go to a highly air-conditioned room then this is certainly not particularly pleasant. So the right clothes in Dubai are also very important.

Holiday in the Summer

Mall of the Emirates

As you know, the summer is also the low season in Dubai. The reason is of course the high outside temperatures and that does not want to have every tourist. But it is possible there without problems to vacation because everything is air-conditioned. You will not sweat as much as you think. An advantage is certainly that the overnight prices in the hotels are significantly reduced. So you can do a holiday in a luxury hotel in Dubai that you could not afford. So this has advantages again.

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Our Opinion

The Emirate Dubai has set itself perfectly on the climate and it does not play a big role more if you go there in winter or summer vacation. Everything is wonderfully conditioned and if you do it right then you will not sweat much. Thus, there are no big differences to other popular destinations in the world.

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