Etihad Museum: We All Must Know History

5:40 pm  |  23.08.2021
Etihad Museum

Tourists interested in learning more about the history of the United Arab Emirates should visit the Etihad Museum. It is a spectacular building with impressive architecture and therefore recommended for a visit.

Visit the Etihad Museum

The museum was opened on December 2nd, 2016 and it can be viewed by tourists. From the outside, the building looks very modern and you can see the wealth of the emirate. Furthermore, many of the buildings there are very modern and you will be amazed to see them. Architects in particular will be enthusiastic about the modern buildings in the metropolis. The Union House is also located there.

The entrance to the Etihad Museum

This is a very important place for history because this is exactly where the United Arab Emirates was founded. So you should definitely stop by and it’s worth it. In 1971 the treaty establishing the Arab Federation was signed there. The location is right on Jumeirah Street across from Pearl Jumeirah Island.

Address and Location

Of course, the address of the Etihad Museum is very important so that you can find it. The exact address is 1 Jumeirah Street where the Union Museum and the Union House flag are located. We also recommend tourists who are not familiar to use the taxi. You just tell the driver that you want to go to this museum.

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For example, if you stay at the Nikki Beach Resort Dubai, you only have a few meters to get there. The hotel is located on Pearl Jumeirah Island and the museum is just opposite. Another attraction is also nearby and that is the Jumeirah Mosque. So you can still look at them if you want.

Opening Hours

The museum is open every day of the week from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. So you can always go there if you want. At the weekend, however, you always have to expect more visitors. If you want it a little quieter, you should go there during the week. The Etihad Museum is always open and you can choose to visit in the evening if you want.

Modern architecture in Dubai

You should plan around two hours for a visit. In our opinion, this is also a nice destination that you can do in the afternoon. Especially if you would like to visit museums on vacation then you are in the right place. Incidentally, the collection is very large and you can learn a lot there and look at many exhibits.

What Can You See There?

The Etihad Museum is built up into several pavilions where you can learn a lot about history. Furthermore, the presentations are interactive and have the latest technical standards. As a visitor, you can get to know the country’s culture there. It is certainly very impressive how people used to live there.

Museum and Union House flag

Today Dubai has become a very modern city. The museum has an area of 25,000 square meters and you should plan enough time for the visit. The gold coins are very beautiful. Then you can see other objects from a bygone era such as glasses, watches, banknotes, passports, and much more. The presentation of the sheikhs and their private belongings is also very interesting.

An Architectural Highlight

You will find many modern buildings in Dubai, but the Etihad Museum is an architectural highlight and you shouldn’t miss it to see it. Incidentally, this is only possible from the outside if you don’t want to go inside. A visit is always recommended, especially for architects, and then you will be amazed at what you have built there in a very short time.

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In other countries, it would take years just to plan. In the emirate of Dubai, this always happens very quickly and the buildings are sprouting up like mushrooms there. By the way, you can always recognize the museum from afar by the flag that is visible. So you can practically not miss it, even if you are vacationing there for the first time.

You Can Take Photos There

Of course, it is also possible to take photos. However, you should avoid using a flash as this can damage valuable exhibits. It is best to always ask the staff beforehand whether or not you can photograph the exhibit. But taking photos of the building is of course not a problem.

Is the Etihad Museum Air-Conditioned?

Emirate of Dubai

Many tourists are always amazed at the sometimes high temperatures. But the Etihad Museum is wonderfully air-conditioned and you don’t have to worry about sweating there. Incidentally, this is the case with all buildings in the city, and the hotels, shopping malls, and public buildings have also optimally adjusted to the temperatures.

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The Etihad Museum is a very modern building and therefore also interesting for tourists who are usually not so interested in history. But you should take a look at it and it is very interesting. Admission is not particularly expensive. If you are staying in one of the hotels in the area then you should stop by.

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