Entry to Dubai for Vaccinated Tourists Without PCR Test: If You are Completely Vaccinated Then No PCR Test is More Necessary for Entering Dubai

7:23 pm  |  10.03.2022
Dubai Airport

From now on, the entry to Dubai for vaccinated tourists without PCR test is possible. Thus, it has now become easier to enter the emirate and it is almost like earlier. Here you learn everything about what you should know.

Entry to Dubai for Vaccinated Tourists Without PCR Test

During the Corona Pandemic, Dubai was one of the few countries that had very loose partial regions for tourists. However, there was still a negative PCR test necessary for entry. Of course, this was more likely to have added additional costs. Last year you had been exposed to this scheme for a few weeks, but after that a PCR test was again necessary.


Since 26 February 2022, the National Authority for Crisis and Disaster Management of the United Arab Emirates (NCEMA) has recently recreated the entry conditions and a PCR test is no longer necessary for vaccinated tourists. So this is of course a great relief what you can imagine.

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Requirements for Vaccinated Tourists

As you have already learned, these rules only apply to tourists who have a full vaccination. All you have to do when checking in at the airport is a valid vaccination certificate against Covid-19 and then you can fly to Dubai. Now you’re probably wondering how to provide proof of vaccination. For example, you can show the QR code from the app and then you can see immediately whether you have been vaccinated.

Another possibility is if you show your yellow vaccination card and there you can also prove that you have a vaccination. But we always recommend using the app as it is certainly much faster and easier. Otherwise it would take longer and there are always many passengers on board the Emirates Airbus A380.

Requirements for Unvaccinated Tourists and Recovered Status

Of course, there are still many tourists who want to vacation in Dubai but have not yet been vaccinated. There can of course be many different reasons for this. But it is of course also possible to enter Dubai there. These require a negative PCR test and this must not be older than 48 hours. So there is currently no change for these passengers.

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If you have a recovered status, the period between recovery and entry may not exceed one month. There you have to present a certificate at check-in. This means that vaccinated, recovered and non-vaccinated people can enter the country without any problems and the Emirate of Dubai has always been a pioneer in many areas. You can clearly see that when entering the country, where other countries still have many requirements for tourists.


Then there is another important question that you naturally want to know when you fly to Dubai. Masks are still mandatory during the flight and of course this also serves to ensure safety. Because especially when you fly in Emirates Economy Class, the distance between other passengers is of course not very big.

Therefore it is still necessary to put on a mask there. But the six-hour flight time always goes by very quickly, for example when you watch a nice film on Emirates’ in-flight entertainment program. You certainly have better protection if you fly in Emirates Business Class or even First Class. But very few tourists can afford that.

Masks are No Longer Compulsory Outdoors

The beach at the Island

Another big step towards normalization is that the mask requirement is no longer necessary outdoors. That means you can move around downtown Dubai without a mask, for example. Only if you think you don’t feel safe should you put it back on. Especially when there are many other people around. This is the case with the Dubai Fountain, for example, and the mask would still be an option there. But if you are alone outdoors then this is no longer necessary.

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Of course, quarantine is no longer necessary when entering Dubai for vaccinated tourists. But it is quite possible that as a passenger you have to undergo a random rapid corona test. If this is positive then you have to go into quarantine and follow the instructions of the health authorities.

PCR Test Results Must be in Arabic or English

If you require a PCR test to enter Dubai then the test result must be in Arabic or English. Furthermore, this must have a QR code. For example, if you have received a certificate by SMS, it will not be accepted on site. So always make sure that you can provide the correct proof.

Our Opinion

It is good news that vaccinated tourists can enter Dubai without a PCR test. So there are no additional costs and that has of course prevented many travelers in the past from booking a trip to Dubai at all. Now this has become much easier. But the situation can change at any time, so you should always get detailed information beforehand.

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