Emirates Special Meal: Here You Can Find Information about the Emirates Special Meal for Passengers

10:16 pm  |  27.11.2021
Emirates Special Meal

As a passenger, you can order an Emirates Special Meal before departure and here you can find out where to do it and whether it costs anything at all. But you should definitely use this service.

Information about the Emirates Special Meal

Catering in first class

If you book a flight to Dubai you will also be served a warm meal during the flight. But there are also passengers who, for example, have an allergy or only eat vegetarian food. That is why the airline offers an Emirates Special Meal which you have to reserve online before departure. As a rule, you only know such a special service from other airlines if you fly in Business Class or even First Class.

But Emirates offers this in all flight classes and even in economy class. So you have the opportunity to choose a particular dish that you would like to have. In this article, you can find out how you can order this menu and whether you have to pay a fee for it at all. In our opinion, you should definitely use this if you have a food intolerance such as lactose intolerance, or gluten intolerance, which is also known as celiac disease.

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How to Order a Special Menu

In order to get an Emirates Special Meal at all, you have to inform the airline about what you would like to have at least 24 hours before departure. Certainly, the easiest way is if you do this on the official Emirates homepage. That means you enter your booking number there and then click on Manage booking. There you have the option of choosing a menu online. Furthermore, you should know that the flight has to last longer than two hours in order to get an extra menu at all. 

There is a Fee to Book an Emirates Special Meal

Emirates Airline | menu

Now you are probably wondering whether you have to pay a fee for the reservation of the Emirates Special Meal. The good news is that you don’t have to pay anything and it’s free for all flight classes. For example, there are many airlines in the world that charge an extra fee for this. But this is not the case with Emirates and that is included in the service of the airline. So you can always choose a menu there online. However, it is important that you do this not only on the outbound flight but also on the return flight.

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What Happens If You Don’t Order a Menu

It goes without saying that you do not have to order an Emirates Special Meal. This is just a special service of the airline for the passengers that are offered there. If you don’t order anything, you get a standard menu. Usually, you get either chicken, lamb, or pasta on a flight to Dubai. You usually have a choice between two dishes. However, if you don’t want this then you should reserve it in advance and then you will get another dish.

Emirates Special Meal is Served Before Everyone Else

Emirates Airline | Vegan menu

A big advantage is certainly if you have ordered an Emirates Special Meal that you get it before all other passengers. That means you get it first and then you can have the meal before everyone else. This is an advantage if you are particularly hungry. The other passengers always have to wait until these menus have been served. Usually, there are not that many and then it goes on very quickly. However, if every passenger were to order such a menu, the flight attendants would certainly no longer be able to keep up with the service. So you should think carefully beforehand whether you need this at all or not.

Menus for Different Religions

There are many different religions in the world where, for example, the consumption of pork is prohibited. That’s why you have a large selection of Emirates Special Meal where there is something for everyone. For example, you can order an Indian vegetarian menu. Then there is a menu for kosher food. There is also a vegetarian Jain menu and a non-vegetarian Hindu menu. The dishes are always adapted to the religion and therefore they are also specially prepared.

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What You Can Choose

There is also a large selection of light food and diet menus. By the way, these are particularly suitable for diabetics. The advantage is that they are very low in sugar. For example, if you have stomach problems then you can order a light food menu. It is also very interesting that there is a menu that is very low in fat. Then there is a low-salt menu. If you have a food allergy you can order a gluten-friendly meal and a low-lactose meal. Then there are vegan menus and also baby and children’s menus. So the choice is definitely very large and not very many airlines in the world offer that.

If you have an allergy or have to eat something different for religious reasons then you should definitely order an Emirates Special Meal. It doesn’t cost anything and you can try it out once. Furthermore, the flight attendants still have a few additional standard dishes that you can still have if this is not tasty.

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Our Opinion

The airline Emirates offers passengers numerous advantages where many others have to pay a fee. In any case, booking an Emirates Special Meal is recommended and you should try this as it is very convenient. It is best to do this online as soon as you have booked the flight. You can also reserve your Emirates seat there. You should have done this at least 24 hours before departure because the special dishes have to be prepared.

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