Emirates Skywards Program: With the Skywards Frequent Flyer Program, Emirates Passengers Have More Benefits

8:08 pm  |  20.07.2023
Emirates Skywards Program

A new frequent flyer program from Emirates Airline from Dubai is called Emirates Skywards+, where you don’t have to fly very much and can still take advantage of many services that other passengers don’t have.

What Actually is Emirates Skywards+

Anyone who has ever flown with Emirates is certainly familiar with the Skywards program. This is the airline’s frequent flyer program where you can earn miles. But as a rule, this is only interesting for business travelers and frequent flyers. This program is certainly not so attractive for tourists if, for example, you only fly to Dubai on vacation once a year.

So you have to fly a lot there, but you have a status where you have many services that are very useful. But now the airline from Dubai has come up with something for passengers who don’t fly very much but still want to enjoy VIP status. This program is now called Emirates Skywards+. In this article you will learn everything about it and whether this is recommended for holidaymakers.

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The first thing to know is that Skywards+ is a paid service and not free. The whole regular frequent flyer program costs nothing. But with this, you have to pay something because you can also take advantage of services. The cheap package is called Classic and costs $399 per year. The advantage is certainly that you get 20 percent more bonus miles on a flight to Dubai.

You can also visit a lounge twice, which is usually quite expensive. So it’s worth it. Certainly also very practical is that you can take an additional 5 kilograms of free luggage with you. You have to know that in Economy Class, for example, not a lot of free baggage is included in some tariffs. For example, you can find out more about Emirates luggage regulations on our special page.


With this package, you already have more services and there are again 20 percent more bonus miles. But you can visit an Emirates lounge there five times and that is certainly something for frequent flyers who normally cannot afford business class. This gives you access to the exclusive lounges before the flight. You can also take more baggage with you there.


The best and most expensive Skywards+ package is called Premium. In our opinion, this is recommended for passengers who fly very often in Economy Class. There you can visit the lounges ten times a year and a visit there is usually only reserved for business class passengers. So this is a great opportunity to take advantage of this frequent flyer program.

How to Register There

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You have to be a Skywards member and after that, you can log in to the Emirates official website, and there you have to sign up for the subscription. As already mentioned, this is then subject to a fee and the costs for this always depend on which package you would like to have. You can also sign up for a subscription that is valid for one year.

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This means that you can only cancel this when the year is over. But then you have the opportunity to test the performance and you can see very quickly whether this is something you would like to have in the future. If this is not the right one then you can cancel it again after one year. You can do all this conveniently on the homepage.

Which Lounges Can You Use There?

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Certainly, one of the best services you can take advantage of at Skywards+ are the lounges. You have access to the business class lounges and they are very luxurious. But there are still Emirates first-class lounges that you are not allowed to use. But you will certainly feel comfortable in the other lounges very quickly and you will be amazed at what is there.

This is of course a clear difference compared to flying Economy Class where you then have to spend the time in Dubai Duty-Free, for example. You will then feel like a VIP there. Directly before the flight, you have the opportunity to eat and drink something in the lounges. There are also many other options available to passengers.

In any case, this is interesting for passengers who fly very often in Economy Class, as this is simply the cheapest flight class. But these passengers also want to visit a lounge. That’s possible there. Furthermore, it is also very practical that you have more baggage allowance and then you do not need to book the tariff, which may be a little more expensive.

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As a rule, this will not be worthwhile for tourists who vacation in Dubai once a year. That’s something for business travelers and the packages aren’t that cheap either. But if you take advantage of the services then you can save money again. That means you would otherwise have to spend more money for, for example, more baggage allowance or a visit to a lounge at Dubai Airport.

Our Opinion

In principle, everyone has to decide for themselves whether they need the Skywards+ program. You can try this out for a year, for example, and then simply pay the annual fee. Then you can see very quickly whether this was practical or not.

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