Emirates Palace Tour: It’s Opened for Tourists

1:31 pm  |  11.06.2023
Emirates Palace Tour

You don’t have to be a hotel guest to visit the Emirates Palace. It is also possible to look at the luxury hotel if you are a tourist. We will explain exactly what you have to pay attention to here.

Tips for Visiting the Emirates Palace

The entrance to the Emirates Palace

There are many impressive hotels in the United Arab Emirates. The best known are certainly the Burj al Arab Hotel in Dubai and the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. You can’t stop being amazed because they are among the best in the world. Whoever wants to stay there needs a lot of money. But not everyone can afford an overnight stay in this luxury hotel. 

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Nevertheless, as a normal holidaymaker, you also have the opportunity to visit the Emirates Palace. That means you can take a look inside and you will certainly be impressed by what you see there. Only the most valuable materials were used for the construction. Everywhere it glitters like gold and a lot of marble has also been used.

Pay Admission

You don’t have to pay an entrance fee for the Emirates Palace tour and you don’t need a ticket either. At the Burj al Arab Hotel in Dubai, you can’t get in without a reservation. At the Emirates Palace, this is different and you can always go in there whenever you want. However, you are only allowed to enter the public areas that you can imagine. Because the hotel guests don’t want to be disturbed by tourists who want to see the hotel.

Dress Code

It is of course very important that you as a visitor observe the dress code. That means you should be dressed accordingly as this is a seven-star hotel. You can’t walk in there in shorts and T-shorts. That is not at all welcomed there and one is then turned away again by the security. This is located in front of the hotel entrance and looks very carefully at what you are wearing.

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What Should You Wear There?

The lobby of the Emirates Palace

Now you probably ask yourself what you have to wear there at all. For a tour of the Emirates Palace, we recommend that women wear an evening dress. Furthermore, you shouldn’t show too much skin there. But the dress should still be beautiful. For men, long trousers and a shirt are sufficient. You should also wear this because the hotels in the Emirates are always air-conditioned. Many Europeans are not used to this. When you are properly dressed you can explore the hotel yourself.

Areas which Accessible to Visitors

You can certainly imagine that not all areas are open to “curious day visitors”. You can only stay in public areas. These are, for example, the impressive lobby and the corridors where there are numerous shops, restaurants, and cafes. For example, you can buy a coffee with gold that is only available there. However, this then costs accordingly. But this is certainly something extraordinary that can only be found there. The areas where the rooms and the pool are located are not accessible. But the other areas are already sufficient for the Emirates Palace tour and you will be impressed.

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Guided Tours for Visitors

A few years ago there were tours of the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi. But these are no longer there because too many tourists would then come. But if you register beforehand, for example with a group, then this is still possible. In the public areas, however, you can explore the hotel yourself very well and that is not necessary.

About Taking Photos

For day visitors it is possible to take photos of the hotel. But since you are only a guest of the hotel you shouldn’t overdo it. This can disturb other hotel guests. It’s no problem to photograph the impressive dome in the lobby. There are many beautiful photo opportunities in this hotel and you don’t have to look far.

Tea Hour

As in the Burj al Arab Hotel, the Emirates Palace Hotel also has a tea hour that you can attend. This is also a very popular option for sightseeing in the Emirates Palace. However, you need to register there beforehand as the demand is always very high. You can register there for high tea or afternoon tea, for example. The prices are of course accordingly high as you can imagine. But that’s always a very good option if, for example, you want to surprise your partner. Because you don’t come to such a luxury hotel every day.

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